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August 2022 | Issue 19
Solutions Spotlight
The State of Clinical Reimbursement

As a SNF provider, you are constantly forced to take on new and evolving reimbursement challenges. Today that means facing obstacles which include PDPM rate adjustments, Managed Care growth, turnover and resource strains that directly impact reimbursement. With the industry changing so rapidly, understanding the trends within clinical reimbursement is more critical now than ever.

Download this report to get the perspective of nearly 500 industry professionals, who shared their top clinical reimbursement concerns, trends and offered insights into the strategies they plan to pursue moving forward.
COVID-19: Is Falls the New Pandemic in the Post COVID Era?

In the health care community, we highlight falls prevention during the month of September. During falls prevention awareness week, we encourage industry professionals, community leaders, family members, and friends to become acclimated with falls health and how to prevent an injury for our loved ones. At Preferred Therapy Solutions we recognize the need to bring awareness to falls in the post COVID era. Everyone is trying to move forward and close the door on these past two and half years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftereffects. In the skilled care community, not only has the COVID-19 pandemic left its horrific thumbprint everywhere, but we are also now witnessing another consequence of COVID-19 and its new potential risk for falls and balance issues with elderly population and among senior communities.
Health Insurance 101: Traditional Funding Models – Is Your Organization on the Right Plan?  

Choosing between different funding models can be difficult and confusing.

Nonstop’s Guide to Traditional Health Plan Design has the details you need about traditional health plan funding models, including definitions, risks, opportunities, and sources. You will learn about:

  • Fully Insured Health Plan Designs;
  • Self-Insured Health Plan Designs;
  • Partially Self-Insured Health Plan Designs;
  • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs).

Also included is an overview of Nonstop’s unique approach to first-dollar coverage health plan design, and how this stacks up against the more traditional funding models covered in this guide. It takes less than 5 minutes to read through the guide, and it’s easy to share with your colleagues and fellow stakeholders.
Code Blue Clear

Healthcare institutions around the world have become one of the main industries for Ransomware attacks. With the amount of sensitive, personally identifiable data at stake, Awareness training and Incident Response planning is an imperative in healthcare. Understanding your program protocols is not only an IT responsibility but is rather a shared obligation throughout the organization. Check out how one healthcare facility overcame a severe ransomware attack due to implementing an Incident Response plan
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Germ free is the way to be - save on COVID related costs!
Strengthen Your Community with Integrated Facilities Management 

Senior living providers are tasked with meeting budget targets and generating greater value from their resources, even as labor and supply challenges increase. Sodexo Seniors’ integrated facilities management program can help senior communities achieve these goals, while consolidating services and costs to create a well-established partnership.
The International Facility Management Association predicts there will be 50,000 to 100,000 facility management positions open over the next five to 10 years, which makes having an experienced partner even more critical. A partner like Sodexo Seniors can help you deliver elevated resident, employee, and guest satisfaction—plus greater cost efficiencies that set you apart from your competition and open new doors of possibility.
The Dangers of Referring Your Facility's Medicaid Applications to a Medicaid Consultant

It seems like everyday there’s a new “Medicaid Consultant” advertising in the local paper, on-line or soliciting at nursing homes. But here’s the problem with these agencies: they’re not attorneys. We all know that the Medicaid Program, especially Institutional a/k/a “nursing home” Medicaid, is governed by an exceedingly complex set of statutes, regulations and codes (i.e., the law). When a layperson accepts compensation to research the law and then interprets that law and provides advice, that layperson has now committed a Class E Felony in the State of New York. By way of example, when a Medicaid Consultant accepts payment and then advises a client as to the exempt Medicaid transfers they can avail themselves of or how to meet the elements of an undue hardship waiver, they have already crossed the line into the unauthorized practice of law.
Pharmscript Upcoming Webinars

Learning Objectives
• Identify the quality and operational implications of staff turnover
• Describe innovative recruitment and retention techniques for health care providers
• Distinguish key leadership strategies to motivate
a multigenerational workforce
Don’t Take the Bait – 6 Timely Tips to Help Avoid Phishing eMails

Phishing emails are a common way for cybercriminals to steal important data from healthcare facilities. This article will discuss what phishing is, how to identify a phishing email, and how to protect your facility’s data from being stolen. We will also provide tips for avoiding phishing scams, the consequences of falling for a phishing scam, and how to report a phishing email.