Make October Productivity Month
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Q4 2017 is here. The holidays loom on the horizon. The next six weeks are your high-productivity period which will make or break your plans to finish the year well. Move much past November 22 and the end-of-year distractions begin to make their claim on energy and focus.

You can get tasks done in December. Indeed, the retail industries must make December work to end the year in the black. But juggling personal and professional needs become a bigger challenge.

So, make the most of October and November so that December is far more joyful and less stressful for everyone!

We have some thoughts in our most recent blog post about how to set up Q4 for success.

Leadership Mindset Resets for Fall

The year is ending, let your to-do list is packed; so much remains to be done before mid-December. Among those urgencies are your personal leadership development commitments. How can you handle the end-of-year rush and still make progress in becoming a transformational leader?

We have some useful suggestions.

Developing Young Leaders: Patience!

Impatient leadership development programs “pick winners” too early (aka they anoint high-potential candidates early in their careers.) We think you should let the process proceed more organically. Cream takes time to rise, after all. Picking winners too quickly is like shaking the milk jug instead of letting it sit. Patience, and a program of universal development, is the key to great leadership development. How best to do that?

How to Choose A Mentor in 5 Steps.

Great mentors accelerate career growth. How best to recruit the mentors you (or your people!) need to help you over professional hurdles and lead you to helpful connections? We have five ideas that can get you started in the right direction.

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