Throbbing tooth pain? You know that your dentist can handle that sudden tooth pain as well as your regular cleanings and check-ups. Nagging body pain? A physical therapist can help with that. But did you know that a physical therapist should be a part of your healthcare team, just like regular check-ups with your dentist or physician.
Physical therapists specialize in treating movement dysfunction whether from injury, surgery or just the daily rigors of life. Even poor postural habits such as slouching in your chair can limit your function and affect your health. The goal of physical therapy is to improve quality of life through efficient movement and address the root problems that may be contributing to your pain.
Physical therapy has long been thought of as something people do following surgery or an injury to get stronger and stretch tight muscles. Although this is true, physical therapy can do so much more...

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Get FIT: Why Strengthening is Important
We're kicking off November by discussing the importance of strengthening and how all of our clinics are integrating strength training into treatment sessions in a fun, engaging way! Of course, no podcast would be complete without a lot of laughter and a handful of metaphors to help illustrate our point.

Then keep listening to hear about the "Margarona" and why it's not just a drink special but a nod to a special therapist, educator and friend. 

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let's talk deadlifts
yes, they can be good for your back
How often do we hear that deadlifts are bad for us? That someone’s “back went out” while picking up something heavy? All. The. Time! 

Deadlifts, when performed correctly, are actually very good for your back! 
Deadlifts are very functional. We all need to be able to bend over to pick up something from the floor or lift a piece of heavy furniture. Performing deadlifts trains us to stabilize our core and maintain a neutral position of our spine to safely pick up heavy objects. 
Deadlifts help strengthen. Deadlifts help strengthen our posterior chain (low back, hips, upper back, and scapular muscles) which is needed for daily tasks including getting out of a chair, stair climbing, getting off the floor, and higher level activities like running and jumping.
Deadlifts decrease low back pain. By training with deadlifts, patients with low back pain are able to improve strength, improve muscle endurance, decrease fear of moving, decrease disability, and improve function, all necessary for improving low back pain symptoms!

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it's bladder month
do you have good or bad bladder habits?
Bad Bladder Habit #1: "Just In Case" Peeing
How often as a child were you told to “go try” before leaving for a big car ride or before we go somewhere with questionable cleanliness of the bathrooms? How often do we still apply those habits to our daily life? We pee before we leave the house. We pee when we get to our destination. We see a bathroom and we think “I should probably go ahead and use it – just in case”. We try one more time before bed, just to make sure we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Our bladders are very habitual. When we start making these habits of going on a very frequent (and not necessary) basis, our bladder starts telling our brains that we have to go, even when our bladder isn’t full, sometimes when our bladder is barely full (nervous pee, anyone?)...
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"I absolutely love the staff at Nesin in Madison. They are unbelievably knowledgeable at what they do and kind and supportive. The one on one therapy and the diligent hard work of the therapists is A+. I would never go anywhere else for therapy! Great job, Nesin!"

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