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January 2017
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     I know, it's hard to divorce yourself from the insanity of US politics these days. But know that there's little you can do about it, so focus instead on what you can control: business opportunities in the New Year. As usual, I have some thoughts to share on that topic.

Make Something Happen in the New Year       


     Another new year beckons. Resolutions abound, many falling by the wayside by March. But a new year really does present new business (and personal) opportunities - if you're paying attention. Here are a few needs associated with those opportunities that you may face in the coming months:
If you represent an established supplier of products and services, you may need to ...
            ... explore the competitive landscape in an unfamiliar market segment
            ... gauge the likely demand for a proposed new product or service
            ... assess the opportunity associated with a potential business combination
            ... position a new competitive offering within available market domains
If you represent an investor, you may need to ...
            ... establish the merits and valuation of a prospective corporate investment
            ... characterize the accessible market and competitive position of a target
            ... conduct full due diligence prior to deal closure
If you represent an early-stage enterprise, you may need to ...
            ... assess the merits of your offered technology among existing solutions
            ... develop a growth strategy and associated business plans
            ... devise optimal messages for investors and prospective customers
If you represent an academic technology transfer office, you may need to ...
            ... estimate the market value of certain internally-developed technologies
            ... identify specific licensees that could best exploit an offered technology
            ... guide your technologists in maximizing the values of their innovations
     As it happens, Trilogy Associates can assist you in all these situations. (You knew that was coming, right?) We have contributed to all these initiatives, and more, for many years and for many clients - with our focus on markets and technologies involving medical devices, clinical diagnostics and laboratory tools.
     So, make something happen in 2017!  We can help. 
Resources from our Archives 
     Check out our Reading Room to view my published articles, presentations and white papers on a variety of topics.
     And, you can examine my Newsletter Archive of prior Trilogy Tidings (since February 2007).
What does Trilogy do? 
     Trilogy Associates facilitates business growth and renewal through commercialization of new products, providing the following services:
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business planning and enterprise growth strategies
  • New-product conceptualization, commercialization and marketing
  • Market research and competitive assessment
  • Business development and partnering
  • Market and technological due diligence
  • Assessment of the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of novel technologies
  • Design of efficient and effective development strategies for early-stage biomedical products
  • Business and technical writing/publishing

     Inquiries to establish whether and how we might support your business initiatives are always welcome.  Contact us.

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