April 26, 2021
Confirmed MAKE UP Vaccine Distribution Pop-Up Coming to
Union Vale this Monday, May 3rd
Union Vale Vaccine Pop-Up is "on" - This Just Communicated to Us By Dutchess County!

Date: Monday, May 3rd
Location: Large Hall in Tymor Park
Vaccine: Johnson & Johnson (1 dose)

How to Sign Up This Week:
Email the Supervisor & Write "NEED ONE" in the Subject Line:
Call Andrea Casey, Town Clerk and ask to be put on the list:
Town Clerk: 845-724-5600

We have a wait-list of residents who want the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which has now been taken off "pause". Andrea Casey and I will be calling everyone on that list tomorrow morning to schedule your time slot.You do not need to call or email again unless you are uncertain you requested to be on the wait-list.

For those not on a wait-list, contact us quickly, and we will call you to give you a time slot Tuesday (tomorrow) & Wednesday. After Wednesday, a link will be sent out publicly for sign-ups. If you want a preferred slot, email me or call Andrea and we will put you on the schedule right away!

No Internet Access?
If you know someone without internet capability, they can call us at Town Hall for May 3rd or for the County ongoing distribution they should call:
845-486-2555 to be added to the phone notification list.

Please call Andrea Casey or me with any questions or concerns!

Betsy Maas
Town Supervisor
(845) 724-5600 ext. 110

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