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June 3, 2019
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word



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Make Way For the New!
Dr. CarolMarie Smith 
I believe this is a word from the Lord for many of us "...You shall clear out the old to make way for the new." Lev 26:10b

The Lord has much in store for us.  There are promises He has given but we are hanging onto the "old" which is hindering the new from coming into place.

Years ago, I had a vision of beautiful jewels all laid before me.  The Lord said, "Go ahead and take all that you want!"  I was so excited knowing they were for me.  I tried to pick up the jewels which represented "Kingdom revelation" He had for me, but I couldn't because in my hands were old rocks.  They were familiar rocks, old mindsets, ones I had for a long time and I didn't want to let go of them.  But I could not pick up the gems the Lord had for me if I held onto the old things of the past.  
First, we must clear out the old in order to make room for the new!  

Let's look at old mindsets!  Old ways of looking at things!  We should always be growing and learning!  I look for fresh revelation every time I read His Word!  I want Him to speak to me and highlight something new and reverent that He wants to unfold for me. Getting rid of the "old" may just be willing to look at things differently through the eyes of the Holy Spirit.  

Years ago, there was a TV program called "Let's Make a Deal."  Upon being chosen to be on the game you were given a prize.  It could have been a shiny blender which was very popular at the time.  Then there were 3 curtains each of which had a prize behind it from which you could choose.  Maybe there was a beautiful new car behind one or a trip to Hawaii?  There could also be a bag of onions or something you maybe didn't want.  But in order to choose a curtain you had to give up what was in your hands. They had to give up what seemed a "safe" prize that they could go home with or trust that there might be something better for their lives waiting for them!

Trust!  It's really a trust issue isn't it?!  We aren't just trusting a TV program with our lives.  We are trusting the King of the Universe that loves us and has a special plan for our lives!  He has created us with purpose and has equipped us for such a time as this! He's calling us to let go of the rocks and the safe blender to move into deeper waters! It's time to mature and grow up so  He can trust us with more!
It's a time to de-clutter!  Not just our thinking, but our lives!  Streamline to what's important! Bless someone with your excess!  (Quit hanging onto the clothing in the size you hope someday you get back down to again!  Pass it on.)
De-clutter your home!  "A place for everything and everything in its place!"  If there isn't a place for it, then pass it on!  If you are believing for something new, make room for it!

Make room with your time for what's important!  If you don't plan for it, less important things will squeeze it out!  Make your time with the Lord #1 in importance so you can get His perspective.  Ask Him what's important to Him for you to make room for!  Then plan around it!
Are you believing for a new job?  Prepare for it!  What knowledge and skills are needed for what God has for you?  Get rid of negative thinking and pick up praise!

I know a woman who was praying for a husband.  The Lord told her to make room in her closet for her "mate to be's" clothes and to clean out her garage to make room for his car.  As she moved in faith and got rid of the old to make room for the new, God provided!

What is God asking you to get rid of so that He can provide the new?  How can you cooperate with Him to prepare?  It's time to make way for the new!
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