Like some of you, I “thought” about writing a book for many years. Well two summers ago, I not only wrote my first novel, but it became a reality when I self-published “ Can You See Us Now? ” four months later. The book has exceeded my expectations in terms of how it has been received (yes, you like it, you really like it) and sales. Six months later, that book was followed with Martini Wisdom , which I co-created with my daughter Roni Jenkins, and quickly became #1 on Amazon’s hot new releases. Both books were published under The Three Tomatoes Publishing imprint. 
Our First Author
I am thrilled to say we are about to publish our first new author, Jane H. Goldman’ s beautiful book of inspiring essays, “ With No Regrets…Getting Older: Face It, Live It, Love It ” under The Three Tomatoes imprint. For a number of years Jane was General Counsel-Vice President of Warner Bros and then litigation counsel to its parent company, Time Warner Inc. Many years ago, she started writing little pieces and thoughts about life— her writings were a way for her right brain to exercise itself as her left brain did most of the work as a corporate attorney by day. At the urging of some friends, she decided to turn them into this book of reflections, and we were delighted to help her do that. And now we’d like to help other aspiring authors get published. 
The Paths to Getting Published
There are many more options to getting published these days than just through traditional publishers, a process that usually requires an agent, can take up to two years, and offers fairly low royalties. There are hybrid publishers where you pay them and then share in royalties. There is the self-published option, where you do everything, including all your marketing (the most critical factor after a good book and one that is often left to the author, even with traditional publishers). And now there’s another option – The Three Tomatoes Publishing Services.
We’re Looking For A Few Good Authors
Our goal is to work with a few select authors each year, to bring their books to fruition. We are particularly interested in books by women for women over forty that can be marketed via The Three Tomatoes to our audience of women over 40. If you have a concept or finished manuscript, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Email   
What We Do and How We Are Different
Your book will be published under The Three Tomatoes imprint, but with all the advantages of self-publishing – you own the rights to your book, and you receive 100% of the royalties. We have several fee based services – including marketing your book to The Three Tomatoes audience. These personalized services are offered ala carte, or as complete packages and include:
  • From concept to manuscript to publication
  •  Book Marketing Launch
  •  Marketing Program via The Three Tomatoes
  •  Post Launch Marketing Program
Are You Ready to Make Your Book a Reality?
Contact us at  and we’ll set up a phone chat as a first step. 

Cheryl Benton
Founder/Publisher The Three Tomatoes
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