September 2018

Make Your Event Instagram Worthy
It all starts with the story. 

From the time we were little children gathering around our teacher, hanging on her every word as she read aloud from a colorful book, we have been drawn to the story. In Garr Reynolds TedX Talk "Why Storytelling Matters" he shares the value and importance of drawing in your audience through the use of storytelling. 

This is especially valuable in business when you are trying to garner consensus, communicate change or motivate your work force. 

Why storytelling matters | Garr Reynolds | TEDxKyoto

Garr breaks down the effective event presentation into three categories:

1. The story
2. The corresponding visuals
3. The audience

The Story: As you create your presentations for your next corporate event, consider the value and importance of using storytelling to convey your business message. The story is a narrative that the audience can relate to, can empathize with and in turn, take action on.

In the video above, Garr talks about connecting with the audience by using storytelling that is authentic and vulnerable and that grabs their attention from the onset.

Still not sure about the value of storytelling in a corporate event setting? 

Stephen Denning is the author of  The Leader's Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art & Discipline of Business Narrative. Denning was a leader at World Bank and is known world-wide as a leadership expert. He is an analytic and yet a firm believer in the benefits of using storytelling to convey a corporate message. His book is worth the read for those interested in leadership growth and in the development of corporate messaging that connects with and inspires employees to greater change.

The Visuals: The use of corresponding visuals is also important. Pictures, colors, graphics, and video that connect the audience to the message will help bring the ideas to life.

Partnering with the award winning leaders of Corporate Events, USA, is a great way of ensuring that the environment, staging, graphics and messaging complement the storytelling that your executive team will convey. 

Your visuals can continue the story from the  ballroom all the way to the stage.

Stunning graphics will help set the tone of the presentation, at the same time being Instagram worthy! 

The Audience:
The audience is who all of this work is for. Without their attention, their buy-in and ultimately their compliance to your instruction, the whole event is for naught.

Bottom line: you have to make them care.  When your audience cares, they will understand the need for the message and importance of their next steps. 

Instagram Worthy

Ultimately, you want your audience to talk about what they heard, share how they feel and express what they will do next. In today's age of social media, that would include sharing images, video snippets, live chats, photos and hashtags about your event. 

Great stories, stunning imagery and powerful calls-to action are what today's employee deems Instagram worthy. Peatrix put together a Slideshare presentation offering 6 Instagram-worthy photo moments for your next event; many of which include setting up designated spots for Instagram photos. Keep in mind that your corporate event specialists at E&E can help you create these areas within your location. 

Interested in learning more about how to incorporate Instagram worthy graphics with an amazing story?  E&E Exhibit Solutions┬« can help.  Give us a call.  
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