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March 2022 | Issue 14
Solutions Spotlight
OSHA Announces Enforcement, Effort for Focused Inspections in Senior Care Facilities

OSHA has formalized what they have been doing for a while now, paying special attention to healthcare/long term care and COVID. Your best bet is to keep the Emergency Temporary Standard program in place even though the Standard has expired. Inspections will be focused, but like any inspection, if they see unrelated violations they can expand it to other areas. To that end, make sure your Bloodborne programs are up to date, as well as PPE and especially Respiratory Protection Programs.
As always, if you have any questions or need additional assistance, please let me know. I also suggest contacting me if OSHA shows up for any reason. I can't make them go away, but I can often help with the process.

Mike Plunkett
PUTTING THE HUMAN IN HIPAA: GreyCastle Security Guides Oswego Health through its Annual Risk Assessment

Healthcare institutions around the world have become somewhat of a sitting duck for cyber attackers to pounce. With the amount of sensitive, personally identifiable data at stake, risk management in healthcare is a shared responsibility of increasing importance. After all, the “bad guys” only have to get one thing right, one time —while the “good guys” have to get everything right, every time.
Purchasing Committee Guide

This resource provides a step-by-step approach to forming a competitive and affordable benefits package that can be used to recruit and retain talent.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:
  • Design an actionable agenda;
  • Recruit an involved and inclusive health insurance purchasing committee;
  • Establish rules that encourage thoughtful committee discussion;
  • Uncover areas of significant premium savings.
Special Savings from Value First!

Germ free is the way to be - save on COVID related costs!
The Solutions Syllabus: Quality Measures

Preferred Therapy Solutions is hosting a monthly educational series based on the RAI Manual for coding the MDS to ensure accuracy with Quality Measures (QMs).

This series is designed for all clinical and interdisciplinary teams. Our Solutions Syllabus will provide extensive guidance on the importance of accurate coding of the MDS and the impact on Quality Measures. This educational series will include a comprehensive guide on QM’s and corresponding MDS sections that effect regulatory programs such as 5-Star and are publicly reported through Care Compare. Understanding the data and the significance of coding is vital for SNFs and LTC communities to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare industry.
Senior Living Dining Post-COVID

More than 100 senior housing and care professionals weigh in on how senior living dining and staffing is being impacted by the pandemic. Read their insights in this engaging white paper from Sodexo Seniors and Senior Housing News. Learn more about the current state of staffing in senior living dining, and the strategies organizations are using to deliver on safety, efficiency, and resident experiences.
When a Sex Offender Resides in Your Health Care Facility: Know Your Rights and Obligations

Over the past several years, our firm has fielded an influx of concerns from health care facility clients who have learned that there is a registered sex offender living amongst their resident population. Pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), individuals who have been convicted of the most severe offenses are designated “Level 3” offenders – classified as having a high risk of repeat offending – and are required to register as a sex offender every year for the rest of their lives. As these individuals age, a percentage of this population will seek admission to independent living communities for seniors, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities, while bearing this classification.
Combating the Great Staffing Resignation

Uncover strategies and examples on how to combat the great staffing resignation, including thoughts on becoming an employer of choice, how to develop a sense of community within your staff, navigating COVID staffing challenges, and more in our on-demand, PROReport webinar.