2019 Schedule Released
This year we have made an effort to establish the schedule for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Spring will begin the week of March 18th, and registration is now open for all three seasons!
Ace Certified students are eligible for college scholarships through the Tennessee Golf Foundation's scholarship fund. Based on academic performance and athletic involvement, students can earn $8,000 - $20,000 over four years!
PLAYer Fundamentals: Length of Motion
If you ask most people how they control their distance, they will usually say "hit it harder or softer." This is partially true, but we need to change the way golfers think about this aspect of the game.

For example, if your club head travels a total of four feet, and you use the same tempo, the ball will travel about the same distance whether you use a driver or a putter. Keep in mind that a driver has a longer shaft than a putter, but we are talking about the distance the head of each club travels.

In the end, we are really talking about club head speed. The farther the club head travels, the more speed it can build up. So, the primary factor for distance control is swing length.

A good method for visualizing this is the clock system, where your hands represent the hands of a clock:
PLAYer Yardage Book: Respect & Courtesy
Respect and Courtesy are very similar, but different in the way to apply them. A good example of Respect is when a soldier salutes his or her commanding officer. Courtesy can be demonstrated by holding the door for someone, and being polite in your conversations.

You can think of Courtesy as "putting others first" and Respect as "looking up to someone."

There are many ways to show Respect and Courtesy, and both are needed on and off the golf course.
2019 USGA Major Rule Changes
Rule 4.3 now allows players to use Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) to measure distance. But a Committee may adopt a Local Rule prohibiting such use of DMDs.

Reasons for Change:

Allowing DMD use is consistent with the principles of the game:

Figuring out the distance to the hole or to another location on the course is not one of the decisions that the Rules expect players to make using only their own skill and judgment or only with a caddie’s advice.

Distance is public information a player may get from anyone; and on most courses, this information is found on sprinkler heads, markers, posts, etc.

DMD use has become widespread in the years since they were introduced, and they are allowed at most clubs throughout the world and in most amateur competitions, including (since 2014) at USGA and R&A amateur championships.

Reversing the default position helps avoid the confusion that sometimes existed previously when clubs or players did not realize that DMD use required adoption of a Local Rule.

  • At the same time, Committees that are not comfortable with allowing use of electronic devices such as DMDs on their course generally or during a particular competition may still prohibit their use.