Quarter 1 / 2016
Make Your Quality Stand Out

Brand New Look For The Support Centre

Customers and prospects alike will now see the journey that they are involved in on the revamped 9001 Support Centre website.

It clearly spells out the planning, pricing, timescale and benefits involved as well as listing all the support features that are on offer.

There are loads of pictures and testimonials, so if you are a client there is every chance you will be featured.

Click through here to see for yourself or click the picture to go straight to my personal message.

All Change on H&S to ISO 45001

Just in case it has escaped your notice, 18001 will be upgraded to a full blown ISO standard when 45001 is issued.  It is being brought into line with 9001, 14001 and all the rest around Annexe SL and the 10 paragraphs.

The planned release date is the Autumn. If you need any guidance then email here.

How To Look Your Best - FOR FREE!

A lot of you know my passion for video marketing. Well this has now ex tended into photo shoots under the banner of petertsimages at my studio at Thornbank which is just off Moo rgate in Rotherham. This st ems from seeing so many selfies/ party shots/ shots that are blurred etc being used as profile pictures on social media.

So, if what you are putting out there at the moment is looking a bit tired or dated and doesn't do you justice, then here is an offer just for you as a subscriber to this ezine. I will gladly do you a set for FREE provided you get back to me by midnight April 15th with an expression of interest. Simply email me here.

Don't Miss Out On The Latest Blog Content

Just getting a bit of knowledge every now and then is what makes blogs so powerful. Here are the latest ones from the 9001 Support Centre. Just click the title to read the post.

If you want to know how to do one for your business then let me know here and I'll happily put my 'socialprofilebuilder' hat on for you.

03-11-2016 07:02:04 AM

Let's be honest, nobody likes to receive a Corrective Action Report. Whoever is on the receiving end more than likely takes it personally and probably finds every reason under the sun to get out of taking responsibility for it and taking action to sort it. So, begins another day in the life of a QA man. I see [...]...»


02-12-2016 06:30:03 AM

When it comes to authorising and approving procedures do you just type them and bang them out or do you print them and see to it that they get physically signed off? It really surprises me how many systems I see like the first. There is no evidence of you having taken responsibility for either [...]...»


02-03-2016 06:06:47 AM

If you already have a system in place you are doubtless pondering as you look towards the 2015 version whether to bang not only the manual but the mandatory six through the jaws of your shredder as well. (Yes, I know Preventive Action goes anyway but let's run with it yeah) The likelihood as I [...]...»


The CQI Conference Calling

I will be going down to London on April 13th to the King's Fund, Cavendish Square near Oxford Circus to meet up with my quality professional colleagues at the annual conference of the Chartered Quality Institute. This year's theme is 'Quality in Action'  and the event invariably sells out so if you are a member or not but wish to go down click on the picture to register.

There will be some lively discussions, presentations from leaders in the quality field and opportunities to network and get the latest on key issues for those in the quality profession.  All the information is on the special website and I'll include a report next time.

Latest Success Stories From The Support Centre
Great to have Turner Hire and Sales from Rotherham as part of the tribe. Pictured below are the nap hand of site certificates and MD Mick Holmes with Quality Manager Helen Hollingworth.


Delighted that ICS of Worksop are on their way as well with a satisfactory stage 1 audit.

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So, till next time and may I wish you every success.

Make Your Quality Stand Out.

Pete Thornton-Smith B.Met C.Eng CQP IOM3