A Gift for the Future
Make Your Tax-Deductible, Year-End Gift Now!
Help Blazers for Years to Come!
With the final hours of 2020 ticking away, many of us are scrambling to take care of year-end business before 2021 arrives. Uncle Sam awaits the close of another fiscal year which is why you should consider Father Marquette.

Any donation made to Marquette Catholic High School is tax-deductible and will benefit thousands of Blazers for years to come.

The generosity displayed by our alumni, parents, and friends has enabled Marquette to remain at the forefront of Catholic education. While our ability to gather in groups has limited our ability to fundraise traditionally, our needs have remained closer than at a social distance. Your contributions benefit student programming, financial aid, and so much more.

Don't wait another minute. Make your tax-deductible gift now!