Our waterfront is open, and we are becoming accustomed to a new way of operating at the Port of Redwood City! As summer rolls on, people are enjoying our open spaces and waterways. At the same time, cargo has never stopped moving through our port – and our maritime businesses continue to operate.  
I am very pleased to welcome Pioneer Seafood to our Port! They are relocating from Pier 47 in San Francisco, where they built a huge following of seafood-lovers. Their new location at 409 Seafood Court in Redwood City features fresh fish sales off the boat and a food truck where customers can enjoy fresh-from-the-boat seafood plates.

Additionally behind the scenes at the Port, we have wonderful new online resources for children to learn about the Port of Redwood City.
We hope you enjoy this month’s update, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 
Kristine A. Zortman
Executive Director, Port of Redwood City 
Spotlight on Aggregate Cargo
Our prime imports are bulk materials that are used in Silicon Valley’s construction industry. Each year, the Port of Redwood City brings in millions of tons of the bulk cargo known as aggregate. Aggregate includes gravel, crushed stone, sand, recycled concrete and slag, which is a byproduct of steel construction. These raw construction materials are carried on cargo ships in bulk quantities and transported off the ships using enormous conveyer belts.  
While it’s not a word we hear much in our daily lives, aggregate is used everywhere! It’s essential for building homes, offices, roads and sidewalks. Aggregate is mixed with cement, bitumen, lime, gypsum, or other adhesive to form concrete or mortar. The aggregate makes up some 60-80% of the concrete mix and can be fine or coarse, depending on the needs of the project and how strong and smooth the finished product is intended to be.
Paddle around for a Splash of Fun this Summer!
Looking for a new outdoor activity? California Canoe & Kayak can help you plan your day trip on the open water by renting a paddle craft or signing up for waterside tour.  
At the Port of Redwood City, California Canoe & Kayak has experienced instructors who will help you learn how to use a paddle craft and explore the twists and turns of our fascinating waterways. Known as the West’s finest and most extensive paddle-sports company since 1972, the company has provided classes and trips with a focus on safety and enjoyment at all levels of skill. Their mission is to help you explore the joy and freedom of paddling – and you’ll find an outstanding selection of kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, canoes and more.  
Find this business and others on our Waterfront Recreation Map.   
Redwood City Library Storytime with the Port
We have created a new educational tool to help children understand what it means to be a “Port City” – and how we benefit from the maritime activity in and around our deep-water port. You can explore and learn about the Port of Redwood City in the comfort of your own home. Pull up the Redwood City Library’s new video collection on YouTube to see a series of educational videos about cargo operations that serve Silicon Valley!  
This playlist features a special water-side tour of the port, where you will explore how scrap metal moves through a conveyor belt, how cement is extracted from a cargo ship and where ships tie up to the wharf – plus much more. Keep watching for book readings in both English and Spanish – from “Casey the Container” to the Spanish-language book, “Mi Barco.”  
Learn more about how we serve Silicon Valley on our Community page.