Dear Children's Hunger Project Supporter,

The Children’s Hunger Project started with a dream and a goal. Beginning with one school and a handful of students in 2010, we have served Brevard County children with weekend backpack meals without missing a single school week.
Thanks to many volunteers, businesses, faith organizations and supporters just like you, we now serve 2,200 children in 46 schools!

It’s a tremendous achievement, yet there is still a wait list and teachers have the heartbreaking job of deciding which children will get weekend food packages .

Dallas is, for the most part, a typical elementary school student. He is in fifth grade, he is smart, bright-eyed and loves playing with friends. Unfortunately, due to no fault of his own, his parents are not in the picture. Dallas is being raised by his grandmother who is on a fixed income. The sad truth is that 1 out of 10 children in Brevard County are being raised by grandparents .

Dallas worries about how much money is left on his grandmother’s EBT card (food stamps) at the end of each food shopping trip. At age 10, this little boy is concerned about having enough food to eat rather than concentrating on school, or playing with his friends.

Dallas is eligible for the free breakfast and lunch at school. Oftentimes the lunch he eats on Friday afternoon is his last substantial meal until returning to school on Monday morning that’s 68 hours without consistent nutrition . And Dallas is not alone…

57% of Brevard County students are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program at school. This statistic is an important key indicator of hunger and poverty in a geographic area.

If Dallas comes to school hungry, he will be more prone to attention issues and behavioral outbursts - simply due to hunger . Research shows that he will also test 17% lower in math skills, be sick more often, and take longer to recover because of inadequate nutrition. Please join us in helping ensure that Brevard’s children receive adequate weekend nutrition.
Your tax-deductible donation can create a level playing field when it comes to a child's success, not only in school, but in life. It costs just $150 to feed a hungry child every weekend of the school year – just $12.50 per month, less than 42 cents a day.

For those who can make a significant impact, consider joining the Children’s Circle of Hope Society - t his society is open to anyone contributing $1,000 or more annually. Contributions can be set up on a recurring basis of $84 per month.
Thank you for your generosity. I wish you all the best this holiday season.


Keith Gee, Executive Director

PS: Please consider including The Children's Hunger Project in your estate plans - consult an attorney for details, and leave a lasting legacy of fighting childhood hunger in our community!
If you have already made a contribution to help feed local children, through simply sharing this email with friends, family and co-workers your impact can be even greater!

Thank you for caring and sharing. You give hungry children in Brevard hope !

The Children's Hunger Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.         
We welcome individual and corporate donations that enable us to feed hungry children on weekends.