April 2023

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Dear Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAFE) family, we are pleased to inform you that AAFE has been registered in the US with 501c3 status.

For the last twenty years, working in Afghanistan, we focused on educating young women and girls who were deprived of education during the years of war and didn’t have access to the formal education system due to age or marital status. Over 7000 students were studying at AAFE schools in 13 provinces and more than 2700 received their high school certificates. The majority of our graduates became the breadwinners of their families. This video is a testimony of one of our graduates:

Due to the recent ban on girls' education by the new political regime, our accelerated education program has been forced to close. However, we are committed to continuing our mission by reaching out to the most underprivileged and neglected children. We have shifted our focus to supporting street kids by providing them with access to quality education at a private school. Additionally, we provide their families with monthly food items to compensate for the income their children could make by begging or selling items on the street. This initiative has the potential to be a life-changing experience for these kids. Join Us In Giving Back!

In response to the ongoing economic challenges, we have extended our program to provide daily food assistance to 150 of the most impoverished families, totaling 1000 individuals, throughout the month of Ramadan, which began on March 22nd. We invite you to contribute to this effort by making a donation today.

Current Projects and Programs

From Streets to Classroom

We have identified 20 street-working children from the most destitute families in Kabul, who were selling pens, polishing shoes, or begging. They are now, enrolled at a private school receiving high quality education. We believe that by investing in their education, we can help these children break free from the cycle of poverty and give them a chance of a brighter future. We are grateful for any support you can offer in helping us provide these children with the education they deserve. 

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Ramadan Food Distribution

Join us in bringing hope and relief to 150 of the most impoverished families, consisting of 1000 individuals, during the month of Ramadan. Your donation can help us provide daily food assistance and support these families as they observe this important time of the year. Every contribution can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Please donate now and help us make a positive impact in our community.

View a daily serving of food to underprivileged children in the mosque:

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