September 2023

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A Journey of

Hardship and Resilience

We found him on the streets selling chewing gum.  Ali’s (not his real name) story is one of hardship and resilience. He is 6 years old and attending first grade.  He was abandoned by his parents at the age of 4. His only relatives are his grandmother, who washes clothes at people’s homes, and his aunt, who begs for bread. 

His father became a drug addict due to years of war, lack of education, and hopelessness.  One day, he left home and never came back.  His mother took Ali’s sister and left one morning, and she also didn’t return.   

Despite his difficult circumstances, Ali was trying to bring a little money to his grandmother who was feeding him.  He was identified by the teachers who were looking for the most deprived children to be enrolled in the private school and supported by Aid Afghanistan for Education, while he was selling chewing gum making 30 Afs ($0.34) per day. 

I can see potential in his eyes, and we will do anything we can to support him and bring the family out of poverty.  

He wants to become a doctor. He says, “I want to help people who are poor and sick like my grandmother, who suffers from a chronic arm injury due to her work. And we don’t have money to treat her.”   

Ali is not alone in his struggle. There are thousands of children, in Afghanistan, who face similar challenges and need our support. They are the future of this country and we have a moral obligation to help them realize their potential. We are all part of the same human family and we should care for each other.

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From Streets to Classroom

It has been five months since these kids have been coming to school instead of going on the streets to scavenge in the trash or sell plastic, chewing gum, or pen to earn no more than $0.60 per day. 

Your contribution made a significant change in their lives. They are more confident, curious, and eager to learn new things every day. 

They show respect and gratitude for the opportunity to study. Let's empower these kids and break the cycle of poverty. Every child matter to us.

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