How Teleworking Impacts
All Commuters in a Re-Open
Greetings employers, 

We hope this message finds you well. It is now May, and we have our sights set on the horizon of our gradual and careful re-opening.

We have come across an overwhelming number of articles and op ed's on the future of teleworking. I've been seeing forecasts of a rise in single occupancy vehicles post pandemic which is expected to create even worse traffic in The Bay Area than we had before. Conversely, many in the transportation, local government , business and sustainability fields are discussing ways to extend telework policies in hopes to normalize remote work and alternative work schedules.

In planning for multiple pandemic scenarios , it behooves us to shift our workplace cultures towards embracing telework when and wherever it is possible. Furthermore, if teams continue to telework, it would allow for a spacious commute for essential workers, for riders who depend on shared transit, and for industries that absolutely cannot operate without an onsite presence. In the same way people were urged to prioritize medical-grade masks for health care workers, those employees who do not need to physically work onsite and continue teleworking can collectively clear the roads and create space on transit for a safe and flowing commute.
Last week, we outlined these and other considerations for remaining at home and coming into work. If you missed it, you can check it out here  
Stay safe and strong, 
Virada & Rebecca
Find out what other companies are planning

Join our upcoming Zoom Roundtable on
"Who's Still Teleworking (or not) When We Re-Open?" on May 18 where you and fellow employers share some broad strokes on our plans via polls, chat, and discussion.

  • Who's (physically) going back to work?
  • Who never left?
  • Who's staying at home?
  • How much will you be shifting with eased restrictions?

Even with a "micro-representation" of employers, we can get a glimpse of what to expect. We now know we can flatten many curves at once: COVID-19 spread, air pollution, and traffic congestion.
Nominate an Essential Business
We are seeking nominations for essential businesses/organizations to receive a Safe Commute Care Package* . If you have a personal or professional connection to a San Mateo County essential business that you would like to acknowledge, fill out our Safe Commute Care Package Nomination Form.  As we work on gathering items for essential workers to commute safely (face coverings, travel-size hand sanitizers, first-aid kits), send us your nominations, and we'll reach out to them.
*while supplies last
Search for the Next Telework Stars!
We have experienced first-hand how powerfully telework can bend, not only the COVID spread curve, but also the traffic congestion and air pollution curves simultaneously.

We're on a search for the next Teleworking Stars to see whether your workplace is considering telework as an integral workplace strategy for the long haul - even after the pandemic or there is a vaccine.

to let us know how we can support you in integrating a formal telework policy into your work lives.
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Working Together to Improve Our San Mateo County Commute
Please share with your staff and let us know how we can help! Thanks for your support.