Renew Weekend coming
at The Hills Church
Friends of Our Father’s Children –
As many of you know, RENEW weekend (April 28-29) at The Hills Church is fast approaching. As a reminder, this is the weekend each year that all funds collected are distributed among several non-profit organizations that are connected with the church. Our Father’s Children has been one of those non-profits since the beginning of RENEW weekend. 

The church always gives donors an opportunity to designate which non-profit they would like their funds to benefit. Many of you in the past have chosen this option, and Our Father’s Children has always been one of the larger recipients of designated funds. The second option given to donors is to leave their donation as undesignated, and in this instance the elders distribute the funds to the non-profits with the greatest needs. We have, over the last several years, received a generous portion of those funds because we were in the middle of a capital campaign as we were purchasing and building out Camp Akiva, our very own campground! While we have not yet completed all the improvements we envision at Akiva, we are no longer in the middle of a capital campaign. We expect that the undesignated funding we have received over the last few years will be reduced. 

I am writing you today to ask that you prayerfully consider designating your donation to Our Father’s Children rather than leaving those funds in the undesignated pool . This will be a huge help to Our Father’s Children and it will allow us to continue the great programs for the abused, neglected, and abandoned children we love and serve. 

As a board and staff, we work hard to ensure that all funding we receive is put to maximum use, and we are very diligent in our budgeting and planning. Our Father’s Children has grown from being a ministry of The Hills into a separate non-profit with the blessing of the church. Over many years, we have increased from one camp to three summer camps and four weekend retreats. We now serve over 600 marginalized children each year. With your help on RENEW weekend, we can continue growing and serving even more children this year and for many years to come. 
As always, thank you for your involvement with Our Father’s Children in prayer, as volunteers, and as donors.

Trine Owen
Chairman of the Board of Directors – Our Father’s Children