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Preparation Is The Name Of The Game This Holiday Season!

We couldn’t be more proud of our seniors! Especially those who put the work in and submitted early applications. You took the steps to prepare, organize, and ensure your applications had every i dotted and every t crossed. I know that waiting on decisions is VERY hard. Hang in there. You can rest assured that you put your best foot forward. Soon you’ll receive responses and be even further on your journey towards your bright future.

With the holidays approaching, manage time between festivities to consider your future. A session with your Brightt Futures counselor can help you navigate your next steps and plan ahead so you don't feel overwhelmed. Be courageous – your bright future is waiting!

Keep shining!

The Bright Futures Team
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Did you know that Bright Futures is committed to the community by sharing our knowledge and resources? You can find us speaking at free seminars and workshops to educate, prepare, and motivate students and their families in the college admissions process.

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College Visits: Practicing What We Preach 

We’ve told you a hundred times (at least) that getting your feet on the ground of a college campus is a real game-changer. And we’re not ones to spout, “Do as we say, not as we do.” So we took a field trip to visit colleges in the Atlanta area. We ate a TON of amazing food and took inspiring tours of several campuses in the area. Here’s a (brief) takeaway:

Located in Oxford, Georgia, Emory U proudly boasts connections with major corporations like Coca-Cola and the CDC. They are a liberal arts school that infuses concepts like quantitative modeling and data analytics into every major. Collaboration and social justice are the heart of Emory U’s student culture. Plus, they’re excited to be adding a business minor!

This two-year residential college is the birthplace of Emory University. Just because it's a two-year college doesn’t mean it’s easy to get in – they are selective! In fact, admissions are nearly as competitive as Emory University. Because there are only freshmen and sophomores on campus, leadership opportunities aren’t hard to come by. The diverse student population is proud to include 17% international students. After graduation, students transfer to Emory U with an Associate of Arts degree.

This football town is proud to call Athens, Georgia home. However, they have a lot more to offer than a football team that’s currently #1 in their division. To start, the Bulldogs’ points of pride are their Honors College, Experiential Learning, and Double Dawgs Program. They superscore the SAT/ACT and don’t admit based on major, leaving students free to study whatever they are interested in. Freshmen are required to live on campus and get priority parking (win!). Important to note, Athens is the home of Chick-Fil-A, so get your chicken dipping fingers ready!

Calling Decatur, Georgia home is the ever-inclusive Agnes Scott College. Although it’s a women’s college, they are extremely inclusive of LGBTQIA+ students and welcome trans men, trans women, and non-binary applicants. Students love to take part in the class ring tradition during sophomore year, where students join the “Black Ring Mafia.” Here are some more Agnes Scott student stats:

  • 62% of attendees are students of color
  • 100% of students partake in the four-year immersion program SUMMIT
  • 100% of 2020 graduate school applicants were accepted

OF 2022

Hang in there. Waiting on decisions is painstaking, so take some time to zoom out. Pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you've done, hope for the best, but also know that college admissions is more competitive than ever. You WILL have options and there is a plan that's just perfect for you. You are awesome and you will thrive!

Academically, don’t let senioritis get its holiday claws on you. It’s important to have fun and relax, but part of becoming an adult is finding balance. So consider what you can do to keep your momentum going strong. As always, we have some tips to help!

If you are in the process of submitting this winter, don't forget that each college has specific requirements for a complete application. Log onto your portals to make sure your app is complete!

If you haven't yet, apply for financial aid ASAP. Check out Bright Futures’ financial aid checklist, and submit your FAFSA and (if required) CSS Profile.

If you have an opportunity to interview with a college, then say YES! This might feel intimidating, but you don’t want to miss the chance to engage with the college. Keep in mind that colleges want to know you, beyond your application, so have fun and be yourself!

OF 2023

The holidays are a knockin’, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to completely kick back. While it might feel far off, holidays are a great time to prepare for college. Develop an SAT/ACT plan and make some headway on your college research.

While many colleges offer virtual tours, we recommend getting your boots on the ground and seeing campus life for yourself. Nothing beats breathing in the campus air, eating in the dining halls, and checking out the facilities in person.

Need help narrowing down the colleges that have caught your attention? Here are some great resources to help you make an informed decision:

What do your PSAT scores mean? Our friends at Applerouth can help you decide what to do next as you prepare for SAT or ACT. Guide to Understanding your PSAT
OF 2024

Do you wonder how all the adults in your life chose their career path? Here’s a secret – most of us didn’t know what we wanted to do or be at your age. But part of growing up, finding yourself, and choosing a career path happens in informational interviews with professionals you admire. Find out how to conduct an informational interview.

Colleges with selective admissions are looking for students with in-depth activities that set them apart as leaders to their peers. So how do you position yourself to get noticed? Start setting goals, taking initiative, making quantifiable impacts, being a leader, and demonstrating your interests. Listen to this BFC podcast to learn how to start setting SMART goals now.

Any road trips or travel in your future? Before the holidays are in full swing, check out the colleges you’ll be near with this interactive map of colleges.
Counselor Spotlight
Claire Mangrum
Claire is passionate about match-making students to colleges or alternative postsecondary options and supporting them through the enrollment process. She comes from a family of educators, college admission professionals, counselors, life-long learners, and strong coffee drinkers. She took the Birkman when she was 16 and is amazed how the results still ring true today. In high school, she played volleyball and was involved in community service. After a gap year as an exchange student, Claire earned a BA in sociology and a teaching credential from Pepperdine University. As an admission counselor she lived and traveled throughout the US and Central America recruiting students and gaining insights in enrollment, admissions, and various postsecondary options. 
These days, her pre-school age children wake Claire and her husband up early, but after a breakfast taco, she's unstoppable. Claire loves working with Gen Zers and admires the confidence, curiosity and openness they embody.