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Make it Your Business to Fight Fraud

Fraud has become an ongoing issue in West Nipissing and it is with great importance that business owners in our community take the necessary precautions to avoid such negative outcomes. It has been brought to the Chamber's attention that there has been numerous Credit Card Fraud incidents in West Nipissing over the past few weeks. We want to ensure that business owners in our community are aware of these occurrences and the steps that can be taken to mitigate the risks of experiencing fraud. 

When you run your own business, you don't have the time or the money to be a victim of fraud, a challenging problem that touches everyone. It is far better to take measures to arm yourself with strategies on how to prevent fraud from affecting your bottom line than to lose revenue that you work hard to earn.

As a first step for your business, you can turn to The Competition Bureau's  Fraud Awareness for Commercial Targets initiative for the facts you need to keep your business from becoming a victim of fraud. This useful information includes:
  • Common business scams to avoid, such as scams involving office supplies, directory listings and phoney invoices
  • Identifying aspects of your business that could make you vulnerable
  • How to create a strategy that will help your business steer clear of fraud
  • A guide on how to train your staff to act as an effective front line
  • Procedures for reporting fraud
It is important to remember that if any of your business is done online, there is ample opportunity for fraud. One such example is the use of fraudulent credit cards, so it makes good business sense to have checks and balances in place to keep you from being ripped off. You may consider implementing some of these practices to prevent falling prey to fraud:
  • Use an external credit card processor
  • Make sure the payment clears before shipping the purchase
  • Verify the purchase by phone
  • Call the issuing bank for verification after requiring potential customers to include the bank's 1-800 number with credit card details
These extra steps may take time, but keeping your revenues where they belong is worth the effort. 
The Competition Bureau's Fraud Awareness for Commercial Targets
Practical advice on how to protect your business or not-for-profit organization against fraud:

What You Will Learn

* Common Techniques of Fraudsters 
* Types of Business Scams 
* Key Phrases Used by Fraudsters
* Why You May Be Vulnerable to Fraud 
* How to Protect Your Organization
* How to Build an Anti-fraud Plan

Please CLICK HERE to view a PowerPoint about Fraud Prevention from the Government of Canada. 

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