Families traveling to Colombia!!!

Six families!!! Six MAA families left New York on August 28, headed to Bogota, Colombia on a humanitarian flight! Two more families are purchasing humanitarian tickets. We are so excited to begin seeing movement for our adoptive families. There are several other families who are waiting for a humanitarian flight or the next steps so that they can fly very soon. The pandemic has changed how we approach travel and has included many additional documents that have to be completed and carried by the families. Each knowing they have to quarantine for 14 days before receiving their child. Loved ones have been left at home and families are traveling with some unknowns of how the pandemic will change the various stages of the adoption process. Will there be videos of the el encuentro? Will my child have COVID when they get to me? Will there be shutdowns? How long will we be in country? Will we be able to leave the hotel at any time with our child? These are questions that these families are pressing through because they love their child and are ready to have their child in their arms. We are excited to take this journey with our families and will be there to support them each step of the way.
Our team in Colombia is amazing! They have found laundry services for our families, ability to exchange money, communicating a variety of apps to have food/groceries/toys/etc delivered without having to leave the hotel. Our drivers in Colombia are taking extra precautions to protect our families and ensure that COVID guidelines are being followed to keep everyone safe. This team is already communicating with our families as they prepare to board their flight. They are truly the BEST!!!
We are so grateful for the Colombian consulate staff as they have assisted our families in obtaining visas and getting on the humanitarian flights. They are working diligently.
Our MAA team is here to assist our families and are excited to see each of you united with your child!
Adriana Chaves – Post Adoption Wellness Therapist

We are thrilled to announce our very own Adriana Chaves’ acceptance of the position of Post-Adoption Wellness Therapist here at MAA!! Adriana Chaves, MA, graduated as a Psychologist in Colombia and has over 20 years of experience in the field of adoption and foster care. She initiated her career doing private practice and soon became the Psychology Coordinator of FANA, a private institution well known in Colombia for its professional approach to adoption and the care of children. During her 20 years in that institution, she managed to create the Psychology Department, as well as supporting hundreds of families and children to reach their family dreams. She studied psychology and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychological Evaluation of Children and a Master’s in Clinical and Family Psychology. In her new role, Adriana will work closely with families newly home, as well as families needing additional post-adoption supports. She also co-leads MAA’s post-adoption family and children support groups. And as if that wasn’t enough, Adriana will continue to play an active role in our Colombia hosting programs. We are so excited for this new role and know that it will benefit so many families and children! Thank you, Adriana!
Brittany’s Hope Social Distance 5K

While they couldn’t host their annual Walk of Love this year due to COVID-19, Brittany’s Hope didn’t let that stop them from continuing to stand up for orphans! Register by September 4th for their Social Distance 5k! Click here for more information and to register.
USCIS Fee Changes

Effective October 2, 2020, many USCIS fees will change. Notably, the I-800A and I-600A applications will increase from $775 to $805. The I-800A Supplement 3 will increase from $385 to $400. The biometrics fee will decrease from $85 per person to $30 per person. Click here. for more information and to see a full list of the fee changes.
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