Join us for a special 4-part workshop about business resiliency with author and speaker Erik Therwanger. Erik is also the founder of Think GREAT, the premiere resource destination for businesses looking to transform their people and magnify their resultsLearn more about Erik and Think GREAT here.

You and your team will:
  • Learn strategies to unify all leaders
  • Understand how to raise the leadership bar
  • Discover new ways to communicate empoweringly
  • Set and accomplish goals, not matter the circumstances

Part One: The Cure for Social Distancing - May 7
Discover how to unify everyone during and after the pandemic to reverse the impact of social distancing.

Part 2: Leading through Chaos - May 14
Discover your greater purpose as a leader and unlock your potential, inspiring your team to set and accomplish important goals during challenging circumstances.

Part 3: Planning through Chaos - May 21
Discover the planning strategies and techniques necessary to empower leaders and team members to set the goals necessary for elevated levels of achievement. 

Part 4: Selling through Chaos - June 4
Discover the sales strategies and techniques necessary to open new opportunities, stay motivated, and impact their clients at higher levels during these unprecedented times. 

Cost: $50 per person for full 4 part series, virtual or in person
Location: Dakota County Technical College