Tiny Tunes Music Time- Promo Video
Tiny Tunes Music Time- Promo Video
Give your child the gift of learning through music and sing your way into Spring with us!

Stimulate, educate, and have a blast with your child when taking our award Pony CD Cover winning Music Classes! 
Spaces fill quickly!

  • Register beginning: Monday, february 11
  • 6 mos- up to 5 years
  • $128 for 10wks; $85 for first sibling; $65for third child, sibling under 10 mos free.
  • Mandatory- $30 material fee per family 
    -due the first day of class.
    Repeat families who own the Bear Collection from a previous class do not have to repurchase materials.  You will have to tell this to the instructor so we can verify. 
  • Make up classes for both locations located at the Kedron Fieldhouse-Thursday April 11 and Thursday May 2 @ 10am- RSVP to tinytunes.ga@gmail.com

Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatics Center
202 Kedron Drive, Peachtree City 
*Cash, check, or charge- register in person or online at peachtree-city.org

Session Dates:  Tuesday, March 5th- May 18 (10 week Session)
No Classes:  April 1-6

Tuesdays: 9:45 & 10:40- Ms. Erin
Wednesdays: 9:45 &10:40- Ms. Erin
Fridays: 9:45- Ms. Sara
Saturdays: 10:15-Ms. Sara

Hunter Complex
2970 Highway 16, Sharpsburg
770-2543740 (call by phone to reserve your spot during daytime business hours only.)
*cash or check only at this location.  Register in person or call to reserve a spot.

Session Dates: Monday, March 11- Monday, May 20 (10 week Session)
No Class April 1

Mondays: 9:45 & 10:40- Ms Erin

For further information visit our website at