KEYNOTES: June 2021
Meet NYWC's Newest Team Members!
This summer we've welcomed seven new NYWC staff! The summer student interns and Full-Time staff members are all hard at work to bring you some awesome programs and build up our organization to support women in our community.

Join us in welcoming Heather (Get Ready for Work Coordinator), Jac (Women Empowerment Series Coordinator), Nicole (Women's Program Intern), Tanyaa, Shazma, Riya, and Vickey (Peer Support Workers)!
**New Program**
for Newcomer Moms
The North York Women’s Centre has a new program for migrant mothers! Check it out!

The NYWC Empowered Migrant Moms Program (EMMP) is a supportive space for newcomer migrant mothers in Canada to connect, share their parenting experiences and ask questions. 

The EMMP program will consist of five (5) sessions during the span of five (5) weeks beginning Tuesday, July 6, 2021, and ending Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021.
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NYWC programs and events are not possible without the generosity of our donors.

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My Volunteer Story
by Elissa Podolsky
Elissa Poldosky, one of NYWC Board members, shares her reflections on the path she's blazed to give back to the community and how it has led her to serve with our Board of Directors.

My volunteer story started shortly after I moved to Canada. Volunteering was important to me because it felt like a great way to be engaged with my community and meet new people my age. For many years after I came to Canada, I volunteered as part of a very active local chapter of women fundraising for Israeli women and children...