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Wishing You a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

We would like to say "thank you" to all of our clients and community partners. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving. 
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Could Audiobooks Change the Future for People with Dyslexia, TBIs, and More?
NeuroBehavioral Associates

scientists uncovered a new way to potentially help these kinds of individuals - thanks to audiobooks.

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Adults on the autism spectrum often have difficulty finding employment. Entrepreneurs and advocates are working to fix this.

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Changing Careers After a Traumatic Brain Injury
NeuroBehavioral Associates

Changing careers after experiencing a TBI is an understandable and common need for many individuals. 

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Thanksgiving Activities for Children with Special Needs
California Special Needs Law Group

These activities can help teach valuable skills in a way that children with special needs can relate to, stimulate the senses, promote attention building strategies and simply serve as a source of fun and excitement.

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NeuroBehavioral Associates provides comprehensive neuropsychological consultation and assessment for children, adolescents and adults with known or suspected attention, learning, or neurodevelopmental disorders. Consultations and assessments are aimed at providing a diagnostic formulation, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and forming an appropriate intervention plan. 

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