October 2019
We honored Paul Krugman, announced our Book Prize winners, and enjoyed the sweet sounds of our Young People's Chorus. Get the lowdown on a great Gala and check out the photos!
We've got postcards and digital media you can use to spread the word.
Do you know how many moons Jupiter has? Our After School students can tell you!
What happens when you cross a cocktail party with the best book sale ever? The Book Bash! This November 22nd gathering kicks off Book Fair weekend and raises money to support our programs. Tickets are going fast so RSVP now and start your Book Fair weekend in style!

Meet the author of the "Me Too" book Buzzfeed called "urgent, shocking — but also inspirational." Bernice Yeung will talk about the sexual violence faced by women far from the power centers of Hollywood and Washington, DC: the poorly-paid immigrants laboring on farms, cleaning offices and doing domestic work. Yeung's book In a Day's Work won the Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Book Prize for Social justice last year.
Each year our volunteers cook and serve a delicious homemade meal to thousands of community members on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Donate today to ensure we have enough turkey and trimmings for all!

We were delighted to host a recent gathering of settlement house workers from around the globe! The International Federation of Settlements brings its members together regularly to work toward a more just, compassionate and sustainable world. Goddard Riverside proudly traces its roots to the settlement movement of the late 1800s.