Ready for Grilling
Gift for Dad
Dad loves to grill, right?  Help him kick off the grand re-opening of his outdoor kitchen this Summer with our dried Asian Pears.  

Our dried Asian Pears chopped up, reconstituted in water with his favorite spices, is fantastic on chicken or pork as a simple, all natural wet rub.  Great grilling!  

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50% off shipping: Be stDad
Baby Asian Pears
  Baby Pears

Hard to believe that the tiny pears bobbing in the breeze will become giants by late August.  Imagine a pear the size of an olive swelling to the size of a grapefruit!

We can't wait to bite into one of these sweet, crisp and juicy fresh Asian Pears.  Want to be one of the first to be notified when our pear harvest begins? 
Harvest begins September
Taste of Kutztown
Wine & Brews in the Park

Taste of Kutztown 2017

One of our favorite events each Summer, plus it is local to our farm -the Taste of Kutztown outdoor festival not only has a lovely setting (under the cool and majestic trees of a Community Park) but is a clever gathering of area producers, craftsman, farms, wineries, bakeries, breweries etc.  Sample, shop & stroll...

Visit our table and say "hello" to our Pear Team, as well as enjoy samples of our dried pears, pear spread, wines, and our incredible pear brownies.  We'll have our edible products available for sale at our booth (Father's Day gift shopping!). Our pear wines will be available for purchase at the nearby Wine & Spirits store. Proceeds from TOK ticket sales benefits community programs sponsored by the Kutztown Rotary.  For more info & tickets: TOK

Roll out the phyllo dough
and off you go!.
Inspired by the many Greek food festivals in our area, and our love of baklava,  we thought it would be sweet to try our dried Asian Pears in this classic dish.  Combo of the nuts, the honey and the dried Asian Pears makes this a crowd pleaser at Summer picnics.

Download our new recipe.

Hungry for a taste?
Stop by for a sample.

We frequently sample our pear offerings at various events and store locations.

Visit our events page anytime for a guide of where to stop in for a taste, opportunity to shop and say hi!
Visit our events page.