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Honoring 60 years of Service through your IRA Rollover Contribution
CMO recently announced the David Lee Filbeck Legacy Fund to support 
evangelism and community development among the Lua people of Northern Thailand and Laos. this fund will support 3 fulltime evangelists and community developers, provide travel and ministry expenses, provide educational assistance to Lua youth attending Lanna Theological Center.  Our goal is $9,000 for 2020.
David Lee Filbeck, last visit to Nam Mao Village, Nan Province.
One way some of you can honor David Lee Filbeck's 60 years of service is through an IRA Rollover Contribution.  A qualified charitable distribution is money that individuals who are 70½ or older may direct from their traditional IRA to eligible charitable organizations. The provision has a cap of $100,000 for charitable distributions from individual IRAs each year. Individuals may exclude the amount distributed directly to an eligible charity from their gross income. 

CMO is a 501 (c)(3) organization
David A. & Sharon Filbeck meet with leaders of the Lua Church to discuss the future. 
  and qualifies for your contribution. Before making your contribution consult with your tax advisor and then honor David Lee Filbeck through your IRA Rollover Contribution.

Other CMO Ministries you may want to help support with your IRA contribution:

FORGE Family Life:  A ministry to strengthen families of Christian workers in Thailand and Laos.

NEXT STEP Scholarship:  Providing $500 a year scholarships for students attending Lanna Theological Center.

Visit our website at CMOThailand.NET or contact David Filbeck at dsfilbeck@yahoo.com or Carmen Filbeck at clfilbeck@gmail.com for more information on how you can support these and other ministry opportunities in SE Asia


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Remember CMO this Christmas Season as you do your online shopping are Amazonsmile.

We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   



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Faculty and Staff of Lanna Theological Center  June, 2019