October 2, 2019 - Issue 19-40

Good Afternoon  ,

Many people muddle through life letting life happen to them.

You don't have to let life happen to you. Make what you want happen in your life! It's largely what you focus on that determines that.

Without taking too much away from Mary Lynn's article, her premise is that you have the choice of what you focus on. 

Your reticular activation system (RAS) filters what you notice in life. Billions of little inputs and of course, some big ones, enter your view in a typical day. Your RAS filters them so that your conscious mind focuses only on those your RAS chooses. Every one  of those inputs - positive, negative or neutral - goes into your subconscious mind. You are consciously aware of only the tiny percentage that your RAS chose.

If the RAS didn't apply this filter, you'd go mad with all the confusing, conflicting signals that occur in a day.

Now, how does the RAS decide what to send to your conscious mind and what to filter out? That's where you come into the picture. You can program your RAS' choices! The best time to do that is right after you wake up in the morning. For the first hour or two of wakefulness your brainwaves* are in the "alpha" or "theta" state. This is the best time to program your RAS.

(*For  an excellent, easy-to-understand description  of  brainwaves, go here.)

Mary Lynn offers eight suggestions for getting the RAS on a positive track as your day begins. Here's an affirmation that most people can relate to:
Do you want to wake up focused on feeling well rested and energized?
Say this to yourself (or say it out loud...or, write it down for even better results!)
"I am so grateful that I feel so good today.  I have lots of energy to get everything done in an easy and relaxed manner."
Read the article to see her other suggestions, and use them as a pattern to make up your own. A salient point is that all the affirmations she suggests include gratitude in one way or another. Yours probably should too, if you want to have a happy, positive day.

Serendipity is defined as unexpected opportunities that come from unexpected sources. Those nice little surprises happen mostly for those who are expecting their day to go well. They may blow right by, unnoticed, to those with a more negative focus.

Ever notice that some people are always focused on negative aspects of life? They're always complaining, criticizing, and expecting negative results of whatever happens. They (perhaps unconsciously) program their RAS to focus on those negative factors. They may read or listen to material first thing in the morning that determines what their RAS will bring to their attention. There's probably very little gratitude expressed in their morning routines!

So it's your choice! What attitude, and results, do you want to bring to your day? Read Mary Lynn's article as a guide, and enjoy!.
John Stevens

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