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Parran Collery
Hello & happy Memorial Day weekend! 
Summer is almost here and we have all of the artful goods you need - for dads, grads, summer weddings & fresh pieces to add some zing to your home and garden. Fresh deliveries happen almost daily - new pottery, jewelry, garden arts, wood boxes, soaps,
Avery Applegate
Avery Applegate's new collection of vintage map pendants
along with additions to the artTILE exhibit. 

artTILE fans & collectors~
It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!~ another tremendous tile exhibit is almost over but you haven't missed all the fun yet! With a unique showing of more than 1000 tiles by 30 different artists, we're wondering if you've seen them all!? Hurry in to find tiles that bring whimsy to your collection, give smiles to friends, or add just a little (or big) something to your living space.

Don't miss the next weekend's artTILE event with Bonnie Mitchell on June 3rd with a chance to make your own tile. It's a great time to test out your skills or make it a crafting afternoon date with a friend to get creative and get in on the art TILE craze! 

Be sure to remember that Father's Day is just around the corner. Give the gift of local and handmade from indigenous!

hint, hint ~ read to the end for our handsome offer...

artTILE & the artful event ~

 Featured artful event for our artTILE exhibit is a great opportunity to create with one of our favorite local artists,
Bonnie Mitchell
Make Your Own artTILE Workshop  
with Pottery & Tile Trunk Show, June 3, 11-5
Bonnie Mitchell
Bonnie Mitchell
Bonnie Mitchell
Bonnie Mitchell
Local clay artist,  Bonnie Mitchell, will be sharing her latest graphic, black & white sgraffitto on tiles and functional pottery in a special Trunk Show
You'll be treated to a demonstration of her techniques and get a chance to 
Make Your Own Clay Tile on Saturday, June 3rd from 11 to 5. 
 Bonnie will guide you to create the design you envision in tile with her technique in carving and glazing.  Call or stop in to reserve a space for this in-gallery workshop ($20 per tile). We sold out last year, so sign-up soon - there are a few spots left!
Bonnie Mitchehll
Bonnie Mitchell
 Check out our full collection of Bonnie's pottery while you enjoy the artTILE exhibit. 

artTILE 2017 continues through June 11th featuring 30+ contemporary ceramic artists pushing the boundaries of a clay slab. Enjoy the works of your favorites as well as EIGHT new artists for our EIGHTH annual show of more than 1000 handmade tiles!  
artTILE 2017 _April 29 - June 11
artTILE 2017 is an invitational exhibit featuring 30 exceptional artists specially selected to display a wide range of designs, sizes, prices, and techniques offering a collection with great scope and depth. Hand-built, carved, pressed, stamped, molded, and one-of-a-kind art tiles will be on view. Styles range from whimsical and contemporary to the traditional aesthetics inherent to the arts and crafts movement. Tile imagery is also diverse ~ from beautiful nature inspired motifs to thoughtfully rendered architectural landmarks to modern abstract graphics and beyond.

Enjoy the classic inspirations of the arts & crafts movement along with the eclectic design directions from the eight new artists exhibiting at  indigenous for the first time. 
artTILE 2017 delivers something for everyone!
artTILE exhibit
common tile curiosities:
Can most of the tiles featured in artTILE 2017 be used in a traditional installation? 
-Yes! Many will work outdoors as well.

What else can I do with tiles? How do I feature tiles in my home or work space without installation?
-Display just one or a collection hanging on a wall
-Coordinate a series of tiles on wall or shelves with other artworks to tell your own artistic story
-Present tiles leaning on a picture rail
-Showcase tiles on stands accenting a bookshelf or mantle
-Add a handmade wood frame to any tile or series of tiles by our new Ohio maker, George Barlow for a classic presentation of art 
-Keep tiles handy in the kitchen to use as trivets
introducing new artTILE artists ~

Marina Bosetti 
Marina Bosetti's beautiful tile works are featured in this show along with some of the finest tile makers in the country and shows through June 11th.
Marina Bosetti
Since graduating from the Pratt Institute with a BFA in sculpture in 1982, Marina Bosetti has devoted her life to refining her relationship with clay. Despite a progression from sculpting to pottery to art tile, Marina's work has consistently distilled the abstract, sensual and spiritual aspects of life into accessible design, image and easy-to-care-for, durable artwork.
Heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, Marina's art tile brings beauty into everyday settings. As Marina says, "Clay is the most ancient and versatile building material we have. It is earth."
Marina is inspired by botanical images, religious icons, stained glass and most of all, her clients. Using the ancient technique of cuerda seca - a cloisonné-inspired method that mimics the look of mosaic - each tile's intensely rich ceramic glaze looks so soft it begs to be touched.
Rick Pruckler & Tonya Lutz 
Whistling Frog Tile is a happy little team of two artists: Rick Pruckler & Tonya Lutz
"We're the sculptors and makers. Our hands are on, and in, the clay from start to finish, providing all the extra care that goes into our handmade items.
Rick founded the studio in '87, finely sculpting dragonflies, frogs, and even caribou, all
Tonya _ Rick Pruckler
the while designing and installing custom tile for fireplaces and backsplashes. In 2011, Tonya joined Rick and introduced to Whistling Frog narratives featuring birds, cats, dogs, beavers, wildflowers and destinations to the tile collection.
Whistling Frog Tile is special in three ways. First, we hand-make all our work in Ferndale, Michigan, a caring, festive, vibrant little community hugging Detroit. Second, Rick has extensive experience in formulating glazes. You'll see glaze colors in our palette that are fresh, bright, & far from commercial-looking. All of our clay and glazes are hand crafted by us using sustainable practices. We up-cycle packing supplies, and recycle all surplus clay and water that we can. Last but not least, we're making our art tiles so we can celebrate unique destinations, elevating their importance with art. From Michigan wildflowers, to endangered species in hometowns, we think seeing what is special and what is here is what the world needs now."
Susan & Don Walton  
Susan Walton
Please welcome another wonderful, new artist couple to our annual artTILE exhibit and enjoy the new engaging graphic works from Susan & Don Walton. With bees, birds, butterflies and foliage as their subject matter, they create highly detailed tiles made by impressing earthenware clay slabs with Susan's drawings. Each is glazed in black with the contrasting white clay showing through the relief areas for a crisp, striking look. Fine detail, stain and glazing with their organic patterning make each tile unique.

Cheryl English   
ONE of the eight new artists to the show this year is Cheryl English. Her creations are perfect for all of the naturalists who would like to add some leafy, floral decor to the home. Cheryl captures every natural detail of a leaf from many different tree species in her series of tiles. 
Cheryl English
Cheryl M. English, a long-time resident of the metropolitan Detroit area, has traveled as far as Singapore and Turkey, only to return to her childhood dancing grounds. Having earned a BA in Art History from Michigan State University and an MA in Art History and Archaeology from Cornell University, she realized she much preferred making art to dissecting it. A life-long autodidact, Cheryl first began her ceramics studies with Gene Pluhar through Grosse Pointe Community Education. Taking advantage of Mr. Pluhar's classroom, she reveled in the pleasures of propane torches, sand blasters and drill presses while investigating the potential of slab rollers, extruders and the wheel. Cheryl's work is a reflection of her other passion: gardening. As an Advanced Master Gardener (certified through Wayne County Extension), her abiding interest in things natural and indigenous - is reflected in her creations.
CC & Shiu Ping Lee 
CC _ Ping Shiu Lee
Help us welcome new artists - CC & Shiu Ping. Along with the studio help from their daughters Ling and Singling, this husband and wife creative duo make a series of elegant tiles with exotic florals, birds, dragonflies, frogs, and koi fish. Each tile is hand carved with colorful, Asian brush-stroke inspired elements added. Simple, clean lines capture the spirit of the subjects and the breadth of the collection makes it easy to put together your own arrangement like a professional designer would love to do. 
Sher Sullivan Stevens  
Sher Sullivan Stevens' collection of tiles has one strong focus ~ MERMAIDS! Each of Sher's tiles are of mermaids in lovely blue or green glazes with curves and lines inspired by the Art Nouveau movement.
Sher Sullivan Stevens
Sher Sullivan Stevens was born in Philadelphia and has resided in Los Angeles practically forever (minus five years in Maui in the 80's). Her love for art most likely began prenatally, as both parents were artists. Her kindergarten teacher told her that she would always be an artist - in retrospect, a defining, grateful and inspirational moment.
After graduating Hollywood High and spending some time soul searching and taming the wild side, she earned an A.A. at Santa Monica College, a B.F.A. at Otis Art Institute and a teaching credential at UCLA followed by a departure into film and television casting, while continuing artistic pursuits in painting, weaving, basketry, ceramics and sculpture. Fortune smiled with marriage and one lovely daughter. Five years in Maui brought her back to full time teaching with adults and children and most importantly, a renewed focus on sculpture. A return to L.A. was fortuitous in expanding her teaching career as a Sculpture and Mixed Media Instructor along with an exploration into tile making. When she is not teaching, she is creating tiles or original sculpture in her studio in Santa Monica.
Kim Walker    
Kim Walker
Be sure to see the three-dimensional, classic, handmade tileworks by Kim Walker as you peruse the 1000 piece collection in the exhibit. Find a variety of designs from her Pond, Veggies, Botanicals and Sea Life series. Kim Walker creates tile in a design studio located on the rocky coastline of Maine. She is known for a unique collection of high relief art tiles. The scenic charm, wildlife and conifer forests have been a great inspiration in developing the tile themes. The present line has been created through personal inspirations and greatly enhanced with commissions from local clients sharing the same inspiration and appreciation for Maine's natural beauty.
Today our technical age is seeing a resurgence of the Arts and Crafts Movement similar to the Great Arts and Crafts Movement of the Industrial Age (early 1900). People are once again seeking out the special characteristics that the artist's touch can bring to one's environment. Kim applies these traditions to the art of tile making and spatial design.
Margy Balwierz  
Looking for bold, colorful, one-of-a-kind tiles? Margy Balwierz, has them in spades in our annual artTILE exhibit. 
"The medium of handmade tile is a culmination of many artistic directions explored over the years, especially experiences in drawing, etching, batik, enamel and cloisonné, pastels and painting. Naturalist interests and imagination are both evident in my design and
Margy Balwierz
subject mater. The palate is bright color, composition modern and style free. I learned the skills of making stoneware tile from John Turula, a neighboring artist who is well known for his fanciful outdoor stacked sculptures, imaginative computer creations and local magazine. Turula's expertise in achieving bright glaze color is evident in my work.  
I have become immersed in the creative exploration of the handmade tile making process, often forgetting everything as the million small decisions of design, color and technique melt away everything else. The visual and tactile manipulation of materials and ideas results in a small essence of my perspective. Each effort gives me a gift of absorbed concentration and timelessness. 
The unique quality of making one tile at a time feels right to me. Coarse red clay is rolled out and cut. I etch and compose a design to fit within the framework of a nearly dry cut tile shape after one day of drying. The cut may be freeform, shaped or with a randomly lopped off corner. Glazed, while greenware, each layer of color is laid three coats thick between etch lines with very small paint brushes. After the clay becomes bone dry, it is high fired to stoneware in an electric kiln. Another glazing and firing to a low temperature adds intensity to colors. The process stretches over three to six weeks.  
Design choices often arise from the concepts of dichotomies and of elemental entities. I see the wide awake beauty of physical the world, bold and endlessly fresh, juxtaposing the murky and double edged aspects of reality.  
I am mindful of the vibrant sub atomic elements, becoming concrete realities, rocks, sky, the Earth, living things. This speaks to me and feeds my wonderment and drive. Retired now from a career as an Elementary Science and Gifted/Talented teacher, perhaps these themes make sense. Often there is a moon or stars or trees in my imagery." 
exhibiting artTILE artists ~

Barbara Clark
`Barbara Clark 
`Cheryl English
Bonnie Mitchell
  `Bonnie Mitchell

Nancy Hopkins
`Nancy Hopkins 
Arlene Knaak
`Arlene Knaak  
Margy Balwierz
`Margy Balwierz 
Iris _ Bob Jewett
`Iris & Bob Jewett  
Sara _ Thomas Gelsnaliter
`Sarah & Thomas Gelsanliter 
Colleen Williams
 `Colleen Williams 
Soozee Van Dyke Woods
`Soozee Van Dyke Woods
Nawal Motawi _Charley Harper
`Nawal Motawi /
   Charley Harper  
Tonya _ Rick Pruckler
`Rick Pruckler & Tonya Lutz 
Terri Goodwin
`Terri Goodwin

Sher Sullivan Stevens
`Sher Sullivan Stevens 
Scott Weaver
`Scott Weaver 
Michael Macone
`Michael Macone
Sarah Wilisch Horn
`Sarah Wilisch Horn 
Janet Tobler
`Janet Tobler 
John _ Lynn Hume
`John & Lynn Hume 
John Beasley
 `John Beasley 
Greg Hicho
`Greg Hicho 
Marian Bosetti
`Marina Bosetti  
Kim Walker
`Kim Walker 
Parran Collery
`Parran Collery 
Susan _ Don Walton
`Susan & Don Walton  
CC _ Shiu Ping Lee
`CC & Shiu Ping Lee

Rick Hoffman
`Rick Hoffman  
Virginia Miska
`Virginia Miska 
Michael Cohen
`Michael Cohen 
Emily Ulm
`Emily Ulm 

  more artful arrivals ~

Melisa Zimmerman  
Melisa Zimmerman
Melisa Zimmerman
Melisa Zimmerman
EXPLORE the intensely hued collection of pottery by Melisa Zimmerman! She made the trip from Lexington, Kentucky recently to deliver her newest batch of colorful, functional pottery. Melisa skillfully combines rich earthy clay with her bold color palette, crisp geometric or organic patterns to create one of our favorite lines of pottery. 
Elaine & Bill Snell    
Elaine _ Bill Snell
Bill _ Elaine Snell
Elaine _ Bill Snell
Elaine _ Bill Snell
ENVISION making your own bold statement with any of the dynamic new designs from Elaine & Bill Snell! Bill cuts Elaine's nature-inspired drawings from steel to create their dimensional wall sculptures with great detail and presence. The large metal wall & table top sculptures include their signature Tree of Life designs along with other nature-inspired works which are ready to add some excitement to your decor. 

let art be part of your nature ~ 

Linda Stiles Smith
Linda Stiles Smith's  
Tree Wisdom pendants
Our annual  artTILE  exhibit ends soon...Only about two weeks left to enjoy wandering through the fabulous array of colorful, whimsical, handmade, one-of-a-kind tiles!
Take another look around while you welcome our guest artist on Saturday, June 3rd.

Laura Bosse _ Cat Zurchin
Laura Bosse & Cat Zurchin's  
colorful fused glass jewelry
Thanks for your continued support of our artists and creative endeavors. Please know how much we value your patronage - - - scroll all the way down for a special offer.

Mark _ John Schlabaugh
If you're looking for something clever for your cool dad ( Father's Day is June 19th), check out our dynamic collection! We will add our signature, complimentary gift-packaging to all of your finds too!

Stay tuned, as we make artful plans to
turn over a new leaf
this summer. 
Artfully yours,
the artTILE-fanatic-crew of
~ indigenous, a handcrafted gallery

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