Yogi's are typically quick to tell you the benefits of a regular practice. What we don't often discuss, however, is how yoga helps support a healthy immune system.

Yoga helps lower stress hormones that compromise the immune system, while conditioning the lungs and respiratory tract. A regular practice stimulates the lymphatic system, assisting in removing toxins from the body, bringing oxygenated blood to organs and ensuring their optimal function.

While the asanas (or the physical practice of poses) make up the cornerstone of infection prevention, benefits don't stop there. Since both colds and flu attack the bronchial passages, it makes sense that conditioning the lungs and maximizing one's breathing capacity through  pranayama  (breath awareness) would build resistance to preying organisms. M editation  also reduces the incidence of infectious ailments by de-stressing the body and mind.

And really, what isn't improved with a nice long savasana? Join us for mat or aerial yoga and reap the full body benefits yoga has to offer.

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