MakerSpace Moment
June 2020 | Issue 18
Defiance Public Library Systems
National Week of Making

June 21-27th
Started in 2014 the National Week of making invites everyone to join the maker movement and get creating. Try a new project, make with a medium you love to use, or even learn how to create in a new way. Challenge yourself to innovate.

The Library has many resources to help you with your making journey.

Watch this Maker!

Bernadette Banner is a historian and maker who creates reconstructions of vintage clothing. In the video above she recreates a Victorian Era skirt to work in today's fashion and be more comfortable. She gives a ton of details and research information about the original pieces she is working from. Interestingly she tends to sew many of her garments by hand but also has a vintage sewing she will also use.

Often times she will have to work with only research information or simply photos, no pattern! So, she problem solves as she works. Her videos are longer, but addicting to watch due to her aesthetic way of filming.