October 2020 | Issue 22
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Haunted House Tech
Haunted Houses are embracing new and old technology to bring their visitors bigger scares than ever. From being able to custom build props with 3D printers to high-resolution sound mixes, technology is helping build the right atmosphere to scare even the bravest contenders.

#Sound Mixing

One of the best ways to accomplish a scary environment is to have the right background noise. Many haunted houses are taking advantage of today's Hi-Res speakers that can all be synched via Wi-Fi. Using multiple small, high-quality speakers instead a few big speakers can make sounds more immersive and make it harder to figure out where exactly that sound is coming from. Sounds and music can be layered to create an experience that brings more realism to the haunted house. See the video below for a sneak peak into a haunted house and see their sound mixing equipment.


Haunted houses are also using sensors to trigger sounds and special effects. Instead of having puppets or pneumatic characters pop up on a timer or loop, sensors can detect when someone is getting close to the scare prop. These sensors can be set to go off at the right time to scare visitors.


Along with sensors, haunted houses are implementing infrared cameras to help them see you even though it is dark. This way costumed characters know where the guests are located and can determine where they need to go to find their next scare victim.
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