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your Makeup Brushes! 
A good Makeup Brush makes such a difference! These Professional Makeup Brushes are perfect for application and detail placement.
You can't beat the prices, ranging from $10.00 - $30.00 and with care, they should last you a lifetime!

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Use these Brushes for your  
Eye Shadows, Powders, Blushes and Bronzers for easy and precise application. 
Jumbo Powder Brush 
Perfect for applying both
Loose & Compact Powder  
Blush & Bronzer Brush 
Perfect for applying both
Blush & Bronzer 

Use these Professional Makeup Brushes with your Diego Dalla Palma Powders!

Diego Dalla Palma loose powders  
give your skin a matte and silky finish and your makeup will last longer! 

Use the Jumbo Powder Brush to
apply these Powders!  Cli ck  on the images below to order.

Transparent Powder
Rice Powder
Transparent Powder - Lightweight and a barely there loose powder. Applied on top of foundation, it makes it last longer and does not alter its shade. Its formula gives the skin a matte and silky finish, making the complexion look more even. $50.00
Rice Powder - Enriched with special active ingredients that reduces redness typical of a fair complexion, making it more luminous. Recommended for delicate and sensitive skin types. It gives no color and does not alter the shade of the foundation. Applied on top of Foundation, it makes it last longer. $50.00 
Have a Compact Powder  
in your  purse at all times!
Available in 4 colors.
Left to Right: #10, #11, #12, #13 

Compact Powder
- Powder your nose and shiny T-Zone with this soft compact powder. It has a silky and velvety texture to even out the complexion and mattify the skin. Contains Green Tea Extract, Horse Chestnut and Bee Pollen. $52.00
Use the Blush & Bronzer Blush to apply these beautiful Blushes! Formulated with Vitamins A and E. Available in 6 colors. Click on the images to read more and order. 
Matt Mauve #03
Satin Peach #04  
Pastel Pink #11  
The micronized powders in this Blush make it easy to apply and blend evenly. Formulated with Vitamins A and E to defend against visible signs of aging and damaging free radicals. $42.00
Founded in 1970 in Milan, Italy,
Diego Dalla Palma has been an International Icon within the
beauty industry since that time.

Sold all throughout Europe and
now the U.S., Diego Dalla Palma
is known for their fashionable,
high quality, innovative and long-lasting products. 

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