Baptize Them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
By Ralph Speas
Reports of baptisms excite me as much or more than any of the reports I receive from the countries where Meridian trains.
They Praised the Lord and Celebrated the Baptism of our Man of Peace Until Midnight
They were waiting for us when we arrived. They built a shade for the training sessions that looked like a small pole barn without sides, only a roof. We were honored with royal African attire and they made us us feel very important.
When to Baptize
As quickly as possible
When they understand the meaning of Baptism
When they demonstrate that Jesus is the Lord of their Life
When they are assured their sins are forgiven and they have eternal life
See some photos of baptism taken in locations where Meridian has trained.
April Pray Calendar
We don't ask you for money but we do ask for your prayers. Prayer has been greatly instrumental in avoiding spiritual landmines, in discovering new opportunities and Persons of Faith, in receiving from God's Hand the funds we need to continue.
Continue to Pray for a Smooth Meridian Transition
On May 5, 2019, Sapulpa First Baptist Church will vote on releasing Meridian to operate as a self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating institution. It already operates as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and incorporated with the State of Oklahoma. It is the intention of Meridian to move to Oklahoma City where it was founded and where Ralph and Rosene Speas will also move. Ralph and Rosene decided to downsize and move back where they served for 21 years. They are asking Sapulpa FBC to allow Meridian to go with them. They are building a smaller house in Newcastle just 15 minutes from the Will Rogers World Airport making it more convenient for global trips. Also, they will be living about 45 minutes from their son, Jon, and his family.
God has been good to provide for our every need. We have never cancelled a trip because of the lack of funds. We do not ask for funds but for those who believe in our ministry and want to glorify God with some financial support may take advantage of online giving. You may check out the red box on the left.