Volume 1, Edition 17 | September 14 , 2018
A note from Supervisor Goldberg
During my career I've witnessed the evolution from pen to paper, fax and onward to interactive communications like cellular phones, email and today; video chat and text.

The ability to convey messages and ideas in real time has improved at an amazing rate of speed and shows no sign of slowing down. It was for that reason your Township Board of Trustees and leadership team made a strategic decision to retire our 2009 website and replace it with a modern version. All being well, our new site is slated to go live on Monday, September 17th. I'd like to thank Trustee Kevin Boyd for his leadership and the hard work of our team to make this new site a reality.

Our new website will offer expanded features, permitting you to select content that satisfies your need for township news and updates. Soon we'll have our Township Podcast available on iTunes and other podcast hosting sites. The new Notify Me feature lets you connect with us for email and text messages.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and stability in the villages we serve along the North Shore. We now have some great new tools to keep you up to speed on our progress. I encourage you to explore the new site, sign-up and stay in touch as we work to make a difference together.

All the best you.

New Township Website Launch Scheduled for September 17th
Online communication changes at a frenetic pace. For that reason, your Board of Trustees and township leaders agreed that our 2009 website was expensive to upgrade and quite outdated to keep pace with present day internet requirements. A new website launching in mid-September will permit residents and followers of the township to customize news and information to suit their needs. The new site will also offer more intuitive navigation buttons, increased speed and ready access to all social media channels and our podcast. We are in final beta testing mode now, and are excited to share this communications improvement with you soon.
Volunteer Committee Members Needed
New Trier Township is seeking individuals interested in volunteer service to review allocation of Township resources to local non-profit (social service) organizations serving Township residents.

Qualifications: Registered voter living in New Trier Township and willing to meet approximately one or two evenings a month.

Description: Citizen advisory committees review grants submitted to the Township and make recommendations on funding to the Township Board of Trustees. They also monitor agency services, develop an ongoing relationship with local non-profit agencies, and help to identify unmet needs in Township communities. Agencies address a wide range of community needs; youth, seniors, persons with disabilities, individuals and families in crisis, health and well-being, etc.

Contact: Brian Leverenz, Township Community Services Administrator at (847) 446-8203 or via email bleverenz@newtriertownship.com
Passport Renewal- Important Facts
If you were issued a U.S. Passport less than 15 years ago, you may be eligible to use a DS-82 Renewal Form .

You are eligible to use this form and mail it if:
  • You can submit your most recent U.S. Passport book with your application
  • You were at least 16 years of age when your last passport book was issues\d
  • The U.S. Passport book is not damaged, mutilated or lost
  • Your current passport is not limited validity (less than 10 years)
  • You have the same name as on your most recently issues passport or you have had a name change that you can provide certified documented proof of this change
Please keep in mind that passport agents are not permitted by the U.S. Department of State to submit a DS-82 on your behalf if you are eligible. You must mail the application, photos, current passport name change documentation (if applicable) and a check for payment.

For your security, please send the application Priority Mail or Certified Mail with a return receipt.
For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of State website by clicking the link below:

Medicare Part D
Educational Forums Help You Find Answers

We are pleased to launch the first in a series of New Trier Township Educational Forums designed to help residents find answers and solve problems.

The first session on September 27, 2018 at 1:30pm features Maribeth Stein who will share money saving information on the Medicare Part D Program. Seating is limited, so please email jmacholl@newtriertownship.com to register.
Voting Is Your Right-Register at the Township

Clerk Jerome Hoynes and the township staff are ready to serve residents that wish to become registered voters. Please visit our office at 739 Elm Street in Winnetka for a form or additional information.

Township Board Endorses Fairness & Equality Campaign
Your Township Board of Trustees pledged to join the Fairness and Equality Campaign by issuing the Fairness and Equality Proclamation at the August 28, 2018 board meeting.

Whereas, December 3, 2018, marks the 200th anniversary of Illinois becoming the 21st state in the union; and,
Whereas, New Trier Township joins partners across the state in recognizing the Illinois Bicentennial, and celebrating what is BORN, BUILT, AND GROWN in Illinois throughout the year; and,
Whereas, the Illinois Department of Human Rights is celebrating the Illinois Bicentennial by engaging at least 200 units of local government throughout the state to join the Fairness and Equality Campaign; and,
Whereas, the Fairness and Equality Campaign aims to celebrate and reaffirm the Land of Lincoln’s rich history of valuing diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination; and,
Whereas, by supporting the Fairness and Equality Campaign, New Trier Township hopes to inspire a welcoming and inclusive community that fosters greater understanding of others; and,
Whereas, New Trier Township is proud to support the Fairness and Equality Campaign and urges local units of government throughout the State to reaffirm that the Campaign’s core principles are essential to an open, thriving, and diverse community; 
Therefore we, the Board of Trustees, do hereby proclaim that New Trier Township, Illinois is proud to support the Fairness and Equality Campaign in celebration of the Illinois Bicentennial, and encourage all residents to recognize and honor the core principles of diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination.
See Messages from Your Elected Officials
Your elected officals are working together, providing services that strengthen the communities we live in. If you weren't able to attend our 2018 Town Meeting, the speeches are available at our You Tube Channel. Please subscribe to our channel and receive updated videos as they become available.

NTT Board 2018
Join Us For Board Meetings
In rapidily changing times being aware of township programs and local developments is important. We invite community residents to join us for Board of Trustee meetings.

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