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Making Audio Work - Podcasting with Purpose
HPG Postdoc Laura Perry hosts a series on the synergies of podcasting and academic research! How can graduate education adopt these innovative methods of interpretation, storytelling, and meaning-making?
Episodes 3 & 4 Happening SOON...
James Boo - Director, Story Producer

Rebecca Nagle - Journalist, Activist, Host

...Episodes 1 & 2 are LIVE on the Web!
Annie Galvin describes creating Public Books' first podcast series, writing for the public, and navigating the intersections of academia and audio as a Mellon/ACLS Fellow at the magazine.
Anne Strainchamps and Mark Riechers give us a front-row seat to their collaborative editing and storytelling process as they create episodes for WPR's To the Best of Our Knowledge.
A "How-To" Guide: Moving from Concept to Creation
Wisconsin Public Radio's Anne Strainchamps and Mark Riechers answered HPG's questions and compiled an expert list of resources for Iowa audio-makers

Apply to be HPG's Graduate Research Assistant
Scholarly communications, project management, and collaboration!

Headshot of Dominic Dongilli
Opportunities from Campus Partners & Beyond:
AAU PhD Careers in English Series
Email English DGS Steven Voyce for more information or with questions.
Obermann Conversations:
Native Lands - Belonging and Reclaiming
Shelley Buffalo (Meskwaki) and Carrie Schuettpelz (Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina) share their experiences on Native American citizenship and the role of land in shaping belonging.

World Canvass - International Programs at Iowa
Join community advocates and Iowa scholars as they discuss the challenges of vaccine hesitancy and social injustices of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Click to learn more about the event and its speakers!

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