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Select your specific application, desired robot model, tool type, tool setup, infeed, interface, and outfeed, for a personalized conception of your desired cobot solution.
New from ROEQ: a Partner for Your MiR500
The ROEQ TR500 Top Roller was developed to support heavy internal logistics in industrial facilities. The basic functionality of the TR500 is to perform automated load and unload operations. Its design enables safe and reliable transportation of goods, with varying footprints. With a TR500, the MiR500 is able to carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks, with many different types of heavy and oversized goods.
Making Automation Part of Your Strategic Plan
Join the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (GaMEP) for a lunch-n-learn to:

  • Understand how to organize your team for maximum productivity
  • Integrate automation into your culture
  • Consider robotics in a new way, including new technologies and safety regulations
  • Learn how digital manufacturing technology is changing industrial robotics
  • Use technology to enhance standard work and quality checklists

During the lunch-n-learn, there will be a live demo of a collaborative robot, and video demonstrations of a mobile fleet of industrial robots.
Now, Complete 3D Inspections 10 Times Faster
Cognex’s 3D-A5000 series is an area scan 3D camera designed to capture high-resolution 3D images. It completes 3D inspections 10X faster than traditional methods. Patent-pending 3D LightBurst technology captures high-resolution images at an unparalleled speed, delivering full FOV 3D point cloud images. The 3D-A500 also offers: 
  • Performance—High-resolution images as fast as 200 milliseconds
  • Accuracy—VisionPro 3D inspection tools, including PatMax 3D
  • Ruggedness—Industrial, IP65-rated design

The 3D-A5000 offers a variety of fields of view and measurement ranges to accommodate applications in the automotive, consumer goods, and logistics industries such as assembly verification, in-line measurement, robotic guidance, and more.
Create Custom Ergonomic Workspace Solutions
Did you know that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reports that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the largest category of workplace injuries? Or that these workplace injuries equate to $20 billion in direct costs to companies (not to mention the indirect costs)? Or that OSHA just raised fines for penalties again this year? 
With 80/20, you can avoid these potentially serious problems, by creating ergonomic workspace solutions that are customized just for you.
80/20 is a T-slot construction system you can use to build virtually anything. When you think of 80/20, think of “an erector set” for adults. You mix, match, assemble and reassemble products to create your customized solution or innovation.
Employee Spotlight-
Meet Derek Sharp

What would you like to know about our Central-South Alabama Universal Robots Account Manager?

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