Making Connections
Dear Friends,
What unfathomable times we are living through. When I began at JF&CS three months ago, I certainly never contemplated the agency's role in a pandemic. And yet here we are, providing support to thousands of people struggling through health trauma, deaths, social isolation, mental health challenges, and sudden economic instability. I recall anticipating a leisurely listening tour to start my tenure as CEO. Yet ultimately, I am energized by being on the front lines of responding to this crisis, and by JF&CS's impact on so many lives.
In the past six weeks, JF&CS has mobilized swiftly, drawing on a breadth of vision combined with deep domain expertise and client relationships, and serving as a leader in the human service community. We have become a state-wide source of expertise around social isolation and mental health, training professionals who are collectively responsible for thousands of vulnerable older adults living in senior housing. We're offering all-day Zoom programming for people with disabilities, along with one-on-one phone calls, encouragement, and family coaching. And we're providing telephone support to Holocaust survivors, many of whom are experiencing post-traumatic stress as they are told to remain in "lockdown".

We continue to provide grocery deliveries across a 40-mile radius, while dramatically expanding our emergency grocery program to cope with the surge of unemployment. At the same time, we're guiding a huge influx of callers to access state benefits to cope with job loss and financial insecurity, serving as a resource to both individuals and social service agencies.

JF&CS is also navigating the outbreak of COVID-19 in nursing homes, supporting our clients with dementia and mental illness who require legal guardianship. We're providing 24-hour support in residential programs and in-person care for adult foster care, all while working hard to protect both clients and staff from infection. And, sadly, we are coping with deaths, and providing emotional support for families as well as our staff.

JF&CS has supported the community through two world wars, the Great Depression, and every conflict, epidemic, and economic and social upheaval of the past 150 years. And I can promise you that we will continue to combine our expertise, innovation, and compassion to support the community in the months ahead. The need is profound, but so is our impact and the urgency of the times. As it says in Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fathers), "If not now, when?" Thank you all for helping us to help the world.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Gail Schulman

Consultation and Referrals  for Older Adults
Are you or an older adult you know in need of assistance? CJP SeniorDirect is a free information and resource service staffed by JF&CS eldercare professionals. CJP SeniorDirect can help with concerns about health and safety, paying the bills, being separated from loved ones, or ways to stay engaged and connected. For more information, view our flyer.

Parent Coaching
The COVID-19 crisis can be especially hard for parents of children with disabilities. Our free Parent Coaching can help troubleshoot any challenging behaviors children with disabilities are exhibiting due to missing the structure of school, adapting to virtual learning, feelings of isolation and boredom, or behaviors that are difficult to manage. For more information, view our flyer.

Parent Consultation
If you have a child under three and are experiencing feelings of stress, being overwhelmed, or anxiousness, the JF&CS Center for Early Relationship Support is offering free Parent Consultation to help during these difficult times. Our Parent Consultation offers parents the opportunity to explore the unique strengths and struggles in their relationship with their child through collaboration with our experts. For more information, view our flyer.

For more resources that may be helpful to you during COVID-19, visit our resources page.
Thank You for Caring During Crisis

Thank you to the 506 donors who have supported our Caring During Crisis campaign. To date, we have raised more than $785,000 to respond to our community's growing needs due to COVID-19.

If you would like to make a gift to help us continue providing much needed services to those who need it most, please visit our website.
National Volunteer Appreciation Week  

In these extraordinary times of COVID-19, we are extending our gratitude to our 2,200 volunteers at JF&CS. In the past six weeks, we have had to adapt our personal volunteer relationships to adhere to social distancing. We are grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who have reached out to ask how they can help. In a short time, our volunteers have made cards for isolated seniors, donated emergency essentials including diapers and wipes, delivered groceries, and made videos for our clients. Thank you for ensuring that our community is cared for!

If you're interested in getting involved with JF&CS, visit our volunteer page.
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