Making Different Moves
Moving to remote working? Moving back to the office? Adform Interiors is your go-to for workplace analysis in the new COVID-19 reality.
The pandemic is impacting every individual differently, so offering a variety of different ways to meet employees at their comfort level provides meaningful support. What is the right move for your business? Moving employees to remote work? Moving employees back to the office? Or permanently having your business go remote? Adform Interiors provides the solutions you need for each of these decisions.

Most organizations approach remote work decisions by considering whose job necessitates them to be physically onsite. Industries such as hospitality and transportation must have employees at the workplace. It's critical to ask how many people can you bring in safely 6 feet apart and and continue working effectively. Adform Interiors can assist with offering a variety of screen guards and social distancing decals. We also suggest the new Tri-Wheel Mobile Laminate Whiteboard with Cutout to create social distancing barriers in the office.

To help employees continue to feel connected daily, businesses can offer everyone the same platform in order to participate in virtual happy hours, health classes, or simple water cooler chats. Setting consistent firmwide updates from the COO for example can help with keeping the business moving forward and remaining productive. In addition asking employees for feedback and suggestions regularly improves morale. For workers with a high volume of Zoom meetings, there is Adform's Virtual Meeting Essentials. These products will elevate video conferencing to a professional level.

Allocating resources, such as providing reimbursements for office setup and proper IT equipment will aide in increasing productivity. At a minimum, employees need a computer, internet, and a phone. The Laptop Table is a great solution for small work spaces at home, plus it keeps employees in motion with sit/stand options. There is also The KIT DESK which you will learn more later in this newsletter.

When you're ready to move out of a current space or searching for a new space Adform Interiors can walk along with you, guiding you on making the right choice based on staff count, industry demands, and space functionality. You will learn more about our workplace return analysis services below.

Contact Adform Interiors today to let us help you in making all the right moves when it comes to moving your business forward in these challenging times and in the better times ahead!

We recently did a COVID-Compliant floor plan for a biotech company in Guilford. Employees were returning to the office. We provided them with the following data:

  • Modification of Amenities
  • Office Capacity Analysis
  • Reconfiguration of Floor Plans for Safe Social Distancing
  • Recommendations for Office Floor Directional Decaling 

Is your team returning soon or have they already? Fill out our Workplace Return Analysis Request Form today! Once completed, we will ease your mind on where to start!
Meet the Ideal Working From Home Table - The KIT Desk

This foldable and compact desk is the ideal working from home table. Supporting the global work-from-home experiment as we transition from merely 'coping' to choosing and enabling. The Californian, mid-century tones of the KIT desk bring a solid, but relaxed scene of wellbeing. This beautiful and contemporary product compliments and enhances the home environment. It is easy to assemble in seconds, can easily be transported with it's slot carry handle, and folds away quickly for storage after use. Put KIT up a day's work, take KIT outside if the sun comes out, and KIT is even stylish enough for a handy weekend barbeque or picnic table! Click here to view a KIT Desk in Use.
On the move? We have moving boxes now!

A reuseable, corrugated, collapsable moving tote for all your desk relocation needs.

  • 24" Long X 15" Wide X 10" Tall
  • Auto-Lock Bottom & Self-Lock Top - No Tape Required!
  • Legal Size to fit most common desk items
  • Sold in Bundles of 10 Boxes

Click here to place your order today!

  • 150 lb. capacity
  • 5 in. non-marking wheels
  • Moving PPE - Hand Sanitizer & Stations
  • Bungee cord included helping secure the load
  • Rolls in folded position
  • Simple to use, easy to carry and store