June Musings, Specials & Updates
Making Dreams A Reality

I love my life and I haven't always been able to say that.

While I've experienced magickal things throughout my time here on Earth, I've never had the most consistently peaceful, flowing, and abundant-rich manifestation as I have in the last few years - increasingly so now.

True, a lot of that comes with trial and error, challenges and pains along the way, a lot of dedicated work, learning my processes, patience, and experience.

Yet, the things we each learn can benefit all of us, and so to share our experiences vulnerably and transparently can be a powerful tool in supporting the collective, alongside our living by example.

This month's theme is around manifesting dreams.

I did a video share to include my message around this, which you can find BELOW, but I wanted to add a few things to accompany it.

Why do I love my life and what do I think are contributing factors to that?

I love it because it is a reflection of what is most dear to my heart and that I've created from the resonance of my soul. And that increases daily, as I continue shifting more and more.

Things that support that and living my dreams are:

Doing what I want to do and not some forced or contrived idea or belief of what I think I need to do.

Not allowing others' thoughts and beliefs to infiltrate my life and not buying into any one way they think you should do things.

Expressing myself freely and surrendering to the energy that wants to move through me without forcing or stopping things.

Being willing to live transparently, vulnerably, and without concern of looking crazy.

Confronting and making friends with my fears.

Being willing to step out of comfort zones, take risks and leaps, and change when change is needed.

Letting go.

Not worrying what others think of me and my choices.

Living for now and not later, doing what I love most and is calling to me, while removing the dialogue of "I'll do this when..."

Maintaining my own personal frequency, independence, and sovereignty even though I'm part of the collective.

Loving others, but never relying on them for anything. 

Staying focused, monitoring my energy and time, creating boundaries, and not spreading myself thin.

Staying on top of sneaky self-sabotage that can ingeniously provide reasons that have no basis except avoidance and fear.

Keeping and maintaining as clear a channel so that I recognize what is not of my essence and not me.

Finding home within my heart.

Spending abundant time in Nature to receive Her messages and guiding examples.

Maintaining and returning back to harmony and balance when off.

Doing only the things that light my heart and soul's fire.

Seeing the gift in everything and having gratitude for the most mundane and even painful things, as there is richness in the totality of human experience. 

Living from my own beliefs and life philosophies, as well as without fear of death.

Focusing on my own changes, rather than trying to change others.

Honing in on my power as an infinitely creative being to build my own reality despite anything around me.

Never limiting my dreams and constantly adjusting them to match my vibration, as I shift.


We each have the power and opportunity to live a more fulfilling life and to create dreams into reality....however it takes a true dedicated desire to see that through and to be willing to walk through both the bitter and the sweet.

It's not easy, especially in the beginning. I can attest to that and totally understand where you're coming from if you're feeling that way. And it does take commitment and loving patience.

But I assure you it does get easier the more you put things to practice and make what's uncomfortable, the new natural - or rather return yourself to what's most natural by retraining all the conditioning out of you.

The good news is, this creative manifestation is more readily available now than ever before because of how things are rapidly shifting and because so many are tapping into their creative power and doing it.

So don't give up. But do make yourself some promises and follow through with them. You'll be grateful you did.

If you dream of traveling somewhere, make that reservation.

If you want a new job, start sending out resumes, interviewing, developing and cultivating your new business on the side, putting in your resignation, making peace with things and being grateful for your current job so you can move forward with a clean slate.

If you want to move somewhere, visualize your next house and the essence of what you want it to be for you, start searching for new ones, get your house ready and up for sale, thank and release your current house to the highest good.

If you want a new relationship, nurture the relationship you have with yourself, come to a place of peace and self love with you and your life currently, do things that make you happy, get out there and explore new places or do something you've always wanted to do....someone may just show up.

And if you want to start that creative project or cultivate a passion of yours....do it!

There is nothing holding us back but ourselves.  


Quick Updates:

We continue our travels and have a little less than a week left in Colorado before we head into Wyoming. We'll be in the Montana side of Yellowstone National Park celebrating Summer Solstice and look forward to that. Our travels continue to be potent and fulfilling. I've included our travel schedule BELOW that is booked and soon to be booked through 10/30 for any of our friends and family in the areas or wanting to come visit and explore with us.

My life is very full despite not having my full work load, as I've replaced it with a new lifestyle of continuous travel, daily nature immersives of hiking, biking and exploring, checking out the areas, city life, restaurants, and land for sale in potential spots we could see ourselves living in, creative projects (which I'm so enjoying), me time, and time with the little ones and bunny care. All things I love and am grateful for.

I am basically running a bunny nursing home these days with all that my dear ones are in need of in their older age - the last vet we visited said she usually tells people that rabbits live until about 8 years old (only because they require specific care and attention that isn't common out there), so at 10 and 12, she said mine are like 100 and 120 years old. Ancient ones indeed and both of them recently had run-ins with challenges, which has taken me to three vets in the last few weeks. Once I got Cosmo through his, Joy then had hers. But ultimately these two are tough ones and although there are challenges that call for my time and energy, it's a gift to be able to live out their golden years with them and support them with their paths. I love them with ALL of me.

I know I'm exactly where I need and want to be with everything.


I'd love to hear from any of you and how you're doing, where you're at, and what you're up to these days.

I've seen so many of my friends' lives shifting in really amazing ways and it's been wonderful seeing so many people immersing in Nature more than ever, following their hearts, traveling around to explore, and taking those leaps of faith with brand new beginnings in their lives and doing things they never thought they would or have had impulse to do, but are finally now going for it. 


Summer Solstice is just around the corner and I am envisioning revitalization for everyone's current experiences.

Remember that this is a time of blossoming, celebrating, embodying self-awareness and your Higher Self, releasing the old patterns of suppression, and recharging the mind, body, and spirit to bring what you desire into your life.

It's a time of the Divine dance, union, and balance of the Feminine (Earth, Mother, Moon) with the Masculine (Sky, Father, Sun) energies.

A time that the Mayans believed to be for spiritual initiation and change, creating ceremony to balance the Earth's energy.

And "balance" is definitely key.

This is an opportune time where we have invited the Sun's energy to connect with our Higher Self and to follow inspiration and dreams, while tuning inside and realizing the alchemy of "as within, so without".

Wishing everyone an invigorating Summer Solstice! 

Sending out love and creative magick to all!

Keep Shining Your Light!

May all possibilities be open to you.

Tania Marie

Emerald Bridge
June videoVideo Message

I've been seeing and hearing about so many people stepping into their dreams, following their heart, and doing things they never thought they'd do, but are - and that makes my heart smile. More and more people are making their dreams a reality and the more each of us do so, the more that trickles out as inspiration to others. We each inspire and support one another through our example. 

This video for the month is about dreams and some of the ways in which I make my own a reality. 

We all have dreams, whether we admit it or not, and I'm just like you constantly working toward the manifestation of my own. This is a brief overview of things that have worked and didn't work for me while manifesting the realities I desire to experience. They are some of the fundamentals that have consistently created the dreams into being from small to large in my own life. You can build your own process that works for you.

Making Dreams A Reality
Making Dreams A Reality
Custom Or Preorder Magick Stones

I received a lot of requests for more Magick Stones after they sold out and I accepted a couple of custom Christmas orders for stones since. Being that the stones find me, I didn't know if there'd be more, but I do have five more stones currently that will be channeling into Magick Stones at some point.

I decided that if anyone would like to pre-order one or has a custom request, I would make that available.

If not, they will turn into Magick Stones at some point, but if you'd like one sooner than later, you can contact me with your order and request. 

Normally the stones speak to me, as to what energy and spirit guides will come through (several of these already have), but I can also channel something just for you, or customize around your ideas. 

If these particular stones aren't the energy for your desires, I can wait until the right stone comes through for you.

These can be for you or loved ones as gifts.

Stones I currently have on hand range in price from $33 - $66 plus shipping in terms of the sizes and what I envision detailing will entail in terms of time and work.

Contact me if you would like to pre-order one.
Personal Sound Channeling

~ June Special ~ 

Through June only I am offering a 20% discount on personal sound channelings. 

These have been powerfully transformative and healing for people.

Normally $111

Through June 30th $88.80

For details on this offering and what you receive, please visit the link below and contact me with your request:

Magictravelk Bus Travel Schedule

Places & Dates Booked Through 9/11:

Last Colorado Stops

Now - 6/5 Golden, Colorado - Boulder and outlying areas
6/5 - 6/8 Estes Park to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Leave to Wyoming
6/8 - 6/11 Laramie, Wyoming
6/11 - 6/14 Rock Springs, Wyoming
6/14 - 6/19 Moran, Wyoming to visit Grand Teton National Park
Leave to Montana
6/19 - 6/22 West Yellowstone, Montana to visit Yellowstone National Park
6/22 - 6/26 Gardiner, Montana to visit Yellowstone National Park
6/26 - 6/29 Bozeman, Montana
6/29 - 7/3 Helena, Montana
7/3 - 7/6 Missoula, Montana
7/6 - 7/10 Great Falls, Montana
7/ 10 - 7/17 East Glacier Park, Montana to visit Glacier National Park
Leave to Canada
7/17 - 7/20 Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
7/20 -7/24 Calgary, Alberta
7/24 - 7/31 Edgewater, BC to visit Kootenay National Park
7/31 - 8/7 Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta
8/7 - 8/14 Jasper National Park, Aberta
8/14 - 8/17  Edmonton, Alberta
8/17 - 8/21 Elk Island National Park, Alberta
8/21 - 8/23 Lloydminster
8/23 - 8/25 Saskatoon
8/25 - 8/28 Candle Lake
8/28 - 8/30 Manitou Beach
8/30 - 9/4 Sherwood Forest near Regina
9/4 - 9/8 Riding Mountain National Park
9/8 - 9/11 Portage La Prairie
Proposed Places & Dates Not Yet Booked Through 10/30:
9/11 - 9/14 Winnipeg
9/14 - 9/18 Nopiming Provincial Park
9/18 - 9/22 Big Whiteshell Lake
9/22 - 9/25 Vermilion Bay
9/25 - 9/29 Nestor Falls
9/29 - 10/2- Mine Centre
10/2 - 10/9 Thunder Bay
10/9 - 10/16 Pukaskwa National Park
10/16 - 10/20 Lake Superior Provincial Park
10/20 - 10/23 Sault Ste. Marie
10/23 - 10/24 Grayling
10/24 - 10/25 Big Rapids, MI (Manistee National Forest)
10/25 - 10/30 Goshen 

I do have the rest of the proposed plan to take us throughout North America, but will post as it evolves.