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Medicare Alert:

 Read Before You Choose


Medicare enrollment period for 2015 is underway. Enrollment must be completed by December 7th. There are many options available to Medicare beneficiaries and the process is often confusing. An article by the New York Times shares some issues to consider before you sign on the dotted line. For more details:



If you have any questions about your Medicare benefits, please feel free to contact Alena at 303-444-8707 ext. 103    



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Are You Changing

Insurance Plans?


For those who are planning to enroll in the Connect for Colorado ACO (Affordable Care Organization), open enrollment period begins November 14th and ends February 15th for coverage that beings January 1, 2015.


ALTA is in network with all of the Colorado HealthOp Plans.


We are also in network with Rocky Mountain Health Plans for 2014. If you are concerned about having in-network benefits, please check with us before enrolling for 2015. Our in-network status may change. If you are currently a patient with RMHP insurance, we will update you as we have new information.



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Traffic Jams at the Front Desk


As most of you have noticed, we are rockin' busy and there is often a Flash Mob at the front desk. We really appreciate your patience!

 If you are using a calendar on your cell phone to schedule, it often slows the scheduling process, causing a wait at the front desk. While we know you need to check your calendar, we will happily give you a written schedule to add later.

We hope this will shorten wait times.

Thank you for your cooperation!





Holiday Closure


Our office will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thursday, November 27th


Friday, November 28th 





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                                                            October 2014


Make Fitness Fun with FastForward


It was my junior year of college and I was lacing up my sneakers for the third day that week and dreading what was next- dragging myself around the field in a heroic attempt to become a runner (okay, jogger). Each day was harder than the last, each lap less pleasant. How quickly my New Year's resolution was turning into dread. As I labored along, I could see a shadow in my periphery - an Olympic- looking figure gliding effortlessly along. His name was Paul. Paul was on the track team and he was doing a recovery run, his second workout of the day.


I was trying to act nonchalant, but breathing so hard I could barely answer the questions he asked. I managed to gasp "yes" when he asked if we could meet again the next day. It was hard to imagine, as I stood breathless, red-faced, and sweaty, that in just a few months I would be hooked on exercise.    

I only dated Paul for three months, but I am forever grateful for what he gave me - the habit of exercise. Even though our relationship was short-lived, from that time forward, I was hooked on running.

Just knowing you should exercise, does not make it happen. But turning something into a habit is exactly what makes it happen. If you don't have a "Paul" in your life to help you develop the exercise habit, consider another way to make healthy habits become second nature. It's not about self-discipline, it's about setting yourself up for success.

ALTA  recently became a Resource Partner with FastForward Sports, a wonderful training program in Boulder. F4 provides year-round training for running, triathlons, fitness and fun! Aspiring and perspiring athletes of all levels are welcome in a non-intimidating and professional environment. Small pace groups are formed with others of similar ability, led by a FastForward sports coach who is hand picked to work most effectively with that pace group.

At FastForward, fitness is fun & inspiring! And it's even better when you make friends along the way. You aren't just joining a team; you're joining a family. 


Soon, ALTA therapists will be joining some of the group runs. We will be a resource for F4 runners, providing lectures, clinics, and more. Hope to see you out there!  



New Help for Plantar Fasciitis                         


The first few steps in the morning are agonizing if you struggle with plantar fasciitis. We once thought it was because the fascia contracted during the night and pain occurred as the tissue stretched with that first step. It made sense then, that stretching more would solve the problem. But stretching exercises and orthotics are not very effective in treating plantar fasciitis.

Many patients still

Plantar Fascia Exercise

experience pain up to

two years after the onset of symptoms.


Though "itis" indicates an inflammatory process, there is no inflammation with plantar fasciitis. Instead collagen fibers have deteriorated and there is a general decrease in the tensile strength of the tissue.




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