On Wednesday, September 18, Mauck & Baker hosted a press conference in Millennium Park to announce its lawsuit against the City of Chicago on behalf of four Wheaton College students (and inevitably all Americans) who want the freedom to exercise their First Amendment rights in a traditional public forum. After appearing on the front page of the Chicago Tribune, the case quickly went from local to national news.
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Church leaders often express worry about dealing with legal issues—that the complexities and costs are so overwhelming that they end up doing very little in response. What are some practical ways these leaders can overcome this, given the scarcities of time and resources they face?
The Illinois Baptist State Association will join two lawsuits involving religious liberty issues for the purpose of protecting Southern Baptist churches in the state. One case involves zoning regulations that prohibit churches and church plants from being located in certain areas of a city. The other contests requirements that churches and religious institutions cover the cost of abortions for their employees.
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