Welcome to our Winter ARCH newsletter!
We Cornerstoned the Future of ARCH!
Thank you to everyone who donated for our recent Land Campaign project. With your help and the kindness of seven major Arizona Foundations, we managed to raise the $940,000 needed to buy our land from the City of Phoenix. ARCH is now secured for future generations!

Thanks to Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation, Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation, Del E. Webb Foundation, Thunderbirds Charities and the Molly Lawson Foundation.

Many of these foundations have supported ARCH since its inception. Read more about our long history with the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust (below), the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust and the Del. E Webb Foundation on our blog
ARCH Gone Fishin' Club License
~ Causing a Splash ~
ARCH has been running its Gone Fishin' Club for over two years. Every Thursday, Fishing Club members go to a local pond to learn fishing skills and enjoy the great outdoors. Club Leader, Travis, recently caused a splash when he took members to protest at the Department of Game & Fish.

“Basically every year we have to get a fishing permit and we have got this for the last two years, based on the fact that our clients have special needs. This year, they said we couldn’t have one as their paperwork indicates that they only offer permits for people who need ‘Rehabilitation’, whereas our participants - from ARCH’s point of view - are doing ‘Habilitation’."

"So we decided to take our group to their offices and bring it to the attention of the management there. After explaining our case, they agreed to grant us our license and to change their wording on their paperwork to include ‘Habilitation’. We are really happy we got it back as our members really love going fishing every week and we’re glad they’re changing the wording so it may help others in the future too”.

Well done Travis and ARCH Gone Fishin' Club members!
Fall Festivities
Holiday Dinner Dance 2017

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us at our recent Holiday Dinner Dance.

A wonderful time was had by all.

Thanks to the Cactus High ROTC students and to Mike Brown and Yolanda Treves from Such is Life Photography who ran our photobooth this year.
~ Give the Gift of Experiences ~
Donate your AZ Charitable Tax Credit
This month we launched our 'Give the Gift of Experiences' fundraising campaign.

Everything we provide at ARCH gives a new enriching experience to our participants. By making a donation of your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit you will be enabling these opportunities to continue.

Your gift will provide the wonder of hiking in the Grand Canyon, the excitement of riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland, the fun of competing in the Special Olympics sports, the dependability of meeting friends at ARCH every day.

Thank you for considering ARCH in your donations this year.
Fuji Film Donation

Thanks to the Fuji Film company for their recent kind donation to ARCH.
~ We are grateful for your support ~
New Canvases from The Shutterfly Foundation
We have been thrilled to partner with the Shutterfly Foundation this year. As well as volunteering for our events and designing and printing our Summer mailer, they kindly donated 12 large canvases to grace our walls. The canvases show a selection of images from the past and present. Thanks Shutterfly!

We exhibited them at our Land Celebration event - Below with our Program Director, Vera Martinez.
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