Phillips Exeter Academy's Lamont Gallery is showing A Collective Curiosity: Her Voice in the Arts online through June 6. This exhibit is part of a year-long celebration by Phillips Exeter Academy, commemorating fifty years of coeducation at the institution. Participating are fifteen alumnae who have graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy between 1974—2020. No two artists are alike, and the group as a whole encompasses a wide range of perspectives, mediums and artistic visions. The online exhibit includes a selection of work from each artist along with their artist statement. Many of the artists discuss their experience at Phillips Exeter Academy. Kate Gridley, who builds and uses agricultural tools as subjects for her art, describes taking a histology and cytology class in 1973 that sparked her desire to "understand how things work," which in turn inspired her artistic career. 2020 graduate Elizabeth Kostrina, conversely, is interested in "the designing and design of systems as well as the bodies created within them." Her Hairlines series, made up of photographs of Queer people, demonstrates this interest. The wide array of subject matter and themes encapsulated in A Collective Curiosity allows every viewer to find an artist who speaks to them, and shows the artistic skill and talent that Phillips Exeter Academy has and continues to cultivate since it opened its doors to women fifty years ago. A Collective Curiosity: Her Voice in the Arts can be viewed at