Is A Micro-Scrubber Right for You?

Micro-Scrubbers are gaining in popularity, taking over janitor closets by storm and displacing the tried-and-true mop and bucket.  Often, the footprint of these small floor machines is the same as an upright vacuum or a mop/bucket combination.  But is a Micro-Scrubber a wise investment for you?

Micro-Scrubbers work best in facilities with smaller floor areas (less than 10,000 sq. ft.) or in situations where cleaning the floor is taking longer than one hour. 

They are also ideal for high traffic areas and where there is furniture to clean around, such as tables, chairs, and desks.   Many find them perfect for cleaning restrooms, as they provide agitation to deep clean into grout lines while leaving floors dry.  

Micro-Scrubbers also provide these benefits:  

  • Micro-Scrubber’s scrubbing action provides a deeper clean than mop and bucket, particularly on tile and grout
  • One-pass machines clean and dry, thus decreasing slip–and-fall risks and allowing for fast access to cleaned area
  • Little preparation or post-use clean-up is required, it’s basically ready-to-use
  • Some models allow for quick brush adaptation for cleaning small carpet areas as well as hard floors

Micro-Scrubbers are available in various lengths, from 13 inches to 17 inches.  Those with low-profiles will more easily maneuver under furniture for maximum cleaning in those areas. 

There are ergonomic benefits of using Micro-Scrubbers, as well.  No more lugging buckets of water or wringing heavy string mops.  Also eliminated is the side-to-side mopping motion, as Micro-Scrubbers move forward and backward, similar to using an upright vacuum. 

Give us a call to hear more about the appropriateness of Micro-Scrubbers in your facility. 
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