Clean water for God's thirsty children
We're Making Our Move For HOPE in 2021
The bucket is filling up quickly as we approach the goal in the Makin’ Our Move for Hope Capital Campaign. When it finally overflows, our Community for Mission will have helped us pay for our new headquarters, while continuing to equip and train new Water Women around the world!
We are so grateful that you are helping us lay a solid foundation for the future without delaying our daily mission: providing clean water for God's beautiful, but thirsty, children.
We have great news about Water With Blessings’ first-ever capital campaign.

Thanks to steadfast supporters like you, we have already been blessed with many generous donations, and have surpassed more than 60% of our overall fundraising goal. This puts us well on our way toward owning our new headquarters outright by the end of 2021.

And that’s in addition to fulfilling all of our ongoing fund raising goals for last year.

“For a lot of nonprofits, Covid has been several steps back,” said Water With Blessings Board Member Tammy Reid. “But what is exciting for us is that our supporters have given us the ability to keep running forward while building a foundation for the future. When they come out of Covid, our country teams will be back to the mission at full strength.”

This move has provided immediate benefits.
The roomier workspace in our new headquarters gives the team members quiet areas to concentrate on their work or make phone calls without the usual office noise. Meanwhile, the open meeting areas enable us to gather and collaborate more effectively.
As we continue to take Covid precautions, the larger office area and the spacious warehouse allow for safer social distancing. Eventually, we hope to welcome back volunteers as the weather warms and the vaccine becomes more available.
And the more successful the campaign is, the more we will be able to devote our ongoing fund raising income to equip and train Water Women in vulnerable communities around the world. As you know, the priority is always to provide more water filters so that committed women will provide clean water for their families and neighbors, rather than using donations to pay monthly rent as we have had to do in the past.
Remember: since the charitable giving benefits of the CARES Act extend through all of 2021, you can make a pledge today and wait until later in the year to complete your gift of support. Or if you prefer, you can schedule a smaller pledge payment each month throughout the year.
Please consider making a special gift for the campaign. Owning our HQ is a key part of our overall strategic plan to equip and support 100,000 more Water Women each year.
“We’re getting ready for the future so we can do even more over the next 10 years,” Tammy said. “We’re looking for phenomenal growth.”

If you would like to join this important effort, please click the button below.
Our Community for Mission Has Begun a Lenten Journey, But There’s Still Room for You

Even though Lent began on Ash Wednesday, there is still a long way to go to Easter. We always have time to begin again. As we said, life isn’t a one-act play or a one-chapter novel. We need time to stand back, pause, and reflect on life – especially after the deeply challenging script we followed in 2020.
Lent offers us a time to slow down, pray, and reflect; not only on our blessings, but also the disappointments, losses, and events that sometimes confound us. During the 40 Days, we can find life-giving resources in the Gospels, Psalms, and other readings that provide a map for the journey. They remind us that God walks with us through all of life’s events.
We take this opportunity to offer you a map for your Lenten Journey, a journey of renewal. Subscribe to the WWB Lent Journey for no charge (although as you will see, donations are accepted). Each day you can receive a scripture verse and reflection.
Please sign up for your subscription using the link below. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.
Thank you for spreading
the good news...

Once again, we had more people subscribe to our newsletter last week. We welcome these new members of the Water With Blessings community for mission, some of whom have already helped underwrite the costs of training and equipping new Water Women.

We thank you once again for sending this newsletter to your family and friends and building our Community for Mission.

And you can make a long-term impact by clicking the link below to become a sustaining donor to Water With Blessings.

By giving $12.50 each month, you can sponsor two new Water Women each year. We'll be sure to send you information on seeing where your Water Women live and the impact your gift is making.
Why We Support
Water With Blessings
Debbie Pinson-Green
Baker NightWatch Alarm
Louisville, Kentucky

We are blessed to have great corporate supporters, companies that make giving something back an important part of how they do business. Debbie Pinson-Green of Baker NightWatch Alarm has become an important part of our Community for Mission.
“I read about Water With Blessings about five years ago and was fascinated by it,” Debbie said. “I visited the office and purchased a filter and bucket. When I learned more about what a difference it makes, I bought into it more and more.
“I’m a member of our Sanctity of Life Committee at St. Athanasius Church, and I talked about Water With Blessings during our information sessions when we learn about the work of the different committees. Clean water goes along with a commitment to life.”
Debbie heard about the Water With Blessings move to a new office space. This past Christmas when she made another donation for two Water Women in honor of her own children, she dropped a business card in the envelope. She added a note telling Sr. Larraine to call if she needed help. After consulting on the project, Baker NightWatch Alarm is providing security service at a very special nonprofit rate.
“We decided we could just use a lot of what she already had,” Debbie said. I totally believe in her mission to provide clean water to people who need it. I would do everything in my power to help them.
“And I really love the idea of working with the Water Women, how they have to share. They provide not just for their own families, but for other people as well.
“I would encourage others out there to help – with their prayers, with making donations, but also just by spreading the word. Everybody can do that.”
Instead of taking you around the world, this week’s Coffee Chat comes to you live from Louisville
You never know who might show up from somewhere else, but this week's Coffee Chat will focus on what's happening here at the home office.

Our wonderful WWB Board member Tammy Reid will be on hand to report on our progress from her, and the rest of the Board's, perspective. We are so grateful for the leadership and clear thinking our Board provides. But when you hear from Tammy, you will understand why they are so much more than directors -- they believe deeply in providing clean water to God's thirsty children around the world. And they're so joyful about it.

So please join us for a very important Chat. We promise that once again we will lift your spirits with the Good News of God’s love for the poor.
Remember, we will gather virtually at Noon Eastern Time, this Friday, February 26. We look forward to seeing you then.
We thank you once again for the love and blessings you share with children like these all around the world. We're called the little nonprofit that can, but that's only because of your generosity.
We have the crafters and the pattern, but we're running out of yarn...

Do you have a box or basket where you keep the odds and ends from your crafting? Is it getting a little full? Well then, we have a solution for you.

Please consider sending as much as you can to us, or dropping it by our new office (and if you call ahead, we can give you a safe, socially-distanced grand tour).

It seems that our crafters are so hard at work making scores of filter socks from their scraps and extras, they are now running out of all their yarn.

And right now we really need more of those colorful covers for the filters. If you can, please pass the pattern around to other crafters you may know. Because of the growing need, especially for our emergency work in Honduras and Haiti, right now we need as many as we can get.

We appreciate our Water With Blessings crafting community. To find out how to join them, please click on the button below. Thank you again for your help.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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