And The Winners Are ...
Select Media attended the CFLE National Sex Ed Conference from December 11-13. Those who stopped by our Exhibition table were automatically entered into a raffle for new Select Media videos. The winners are:

Sara Komoroske
Planned Parenthood of Western NY

Chavonne Lenoir Perotte
Center for Supportive Schools

Lisa Schulze
Planned Parenthood-Heartland

Congratulations to all the winners!
New Training Opportunities
Select Media has added two new certified training opportunities to better serve your organization's needs.

Interested in learning effective ways of monitoring program implementation and fidelity? Seeking ways of demonstrating the success of your programs to stakeholders and funders? Select Media is now offering Data and Evaluation Training to enhance your ability to track, monitor, and evaluate evidence-based programs. This engaging two-day training covers:
  • In depth theoretical framework
  • Outcome and process evaluation measures
  • Recruitment and retention protocols
  • Data collection and management
  • Data analysis plans
  • All evaluation instruments used in the original study
  • Real world applications
Many organizations are concerned about maintaining fidelity and ensuring program results, while serving the unique needs of their constituency.
Adaptation training is a one-day interactive training, which allows sites to discuss acceptable adaptations with the program developers. The training will cover:
  • Adaptation for site specific needs
  • Theoretical framework and the connection to fidelity
  • Differences between core and key elements
  • Fidelity monitoring tools
  • Piloting and monitoring adaptations
  • Identifying potential adaptation challenges
Email mika@selectmedia.org to learn more about these opportunities or schedule a training.
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Making Proud Choices For Youth in Out-of-Home Care


Most young people entering the system bring a host of traumas including neglect and abuse. These early traumas impact their psychosocial and sexual development and increase the likelihood that they will engage in behaviors that place them at risk of early pregnancy and STDs.  


This curriculum is designed to empower in-care adolescents with greater knowledge and self-respect that will encourage them to protect themselves against unintended pregnancies and STD and/or HIV infection.  


Pre-Orders Available 
Call 800.707.6334 or email info@selectmedia.org


The Subject Is
Three New Films
Birth Control. Relationships. Pregnancy. Three tough topics, three new films! Orders are now being accepted for these new films in Select Media's award-winning The Subject Is series. Email info@selectmedia.org or call 800.707.6334 to order or learn more about these films.

The Subject is: Birth Control 
uses simple game-style graphics to engage audiences ages 11 to 18 years old in an overview of birth control basics. An 8-minute primer that can be used as a starting point for discussion on birth control methods, the film clearly underscores the importance of using condoms in addition to birth control in order to prevent STDs and HIV. The Subject is: Birth Control acknowledges that not everyone is comfortable with birth control, and does not assume 11 to 18 year olds are sexually active, but provides factual information, which teens will need to make healthy informed choices. The film is a wonderful visual tool for any facilitator who teaches birth control methods and a great addition to any teen pregnancy prevention program library.  For a free preview of the film, click here and enter the password preview2013.
The Subject is: 
Healthy Relationships
Peer relationships can positively influence the lives of adolescents and play a major role in their development. The Subject is: Healthy Relationships provides information and skills needed to teach youth the importance of healthy relationships. The film is the perfect starting point for lively discussions about:
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Peer pressure
  • Different types of relationships including cliques
  • Dating and boundary setting
  • Unhealthy relationships  

The film encourages teens to view relationships as a tool to help achieve their goals and dreams. Narrated by MTV2 host Desi Sanchez (The Subject is: HIV) with animation by award-winning artist Flash Rosenberg (The Subject is: Puberty). 




The Subject is: Pregnancy 

Teens frequently lack information about reproductive anatomy and how pregnancy occurs. The Subject is: Pregnancy provides an overview of conception, with clear animations from the award-winning artist Flash Rosenberg. MTV2 host Desi Sanchez introduces viewers to youth who share powerful stories of how their lives changed when they became teen parents. Viewers watch as one teen successfully negotiates the use of a condom with her partner. This video encourages youth to think about the risks associated with sexual activity and how an unplanned pregnancy may challenge their dreams. Pre-orders taken now!

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