Making Referrals Easy
One of the primary reasons we are open 24/7, in addition to helping pets who need emergency care, is to give you, the primary care practice, some time off. And we want to make referrals as convenient and seamless as possible. 

We’re Available When:

  • A client has an emergency with their pet outside of your regular office hours

  • You feel a patient requires intensive care or monitoring, including overnight and/or weekend case supervision

  • A patient requires more advanced diagnostic testing than available at your clinic

  • A patient requires or may require administration of blood products or constant rate infusion drug therapy

  • A client prefers that his or her pet receive overnight post-surgical or post-anesthesia monitoring and supervision and/or pain management

  • A patient is recovering from surgery or anesthesia, and you recommend overnight monitoring for patient safety
Your clients may be referred to AEHV in several ways:
Answering Machine/Call Forwarding: Voicemail or an answering service may provide your clients with our telephone number for after-hours care. You may also set your phones on call forward to automatically transfer after-hours calls to our telephone number.
Window Decal: Your hospital may wish to display a small sign, which we provide at no cost, on your front door advising clients arriving after hours of the location and phone number of our hospital. Not only do clients appreciate this, the Veterinary Medical Board requires providing such notice.
Emergency Service Materials: Magnets and small brochures on our ER services are available to you in bulk to distribute to your clients as needed. If you need additional supplies, please contact client services manager, Joshua Van Nieuwal, who will promptly replenish your supply.

Note: New magnets are available with DeLand and Ormond Beach information.
Communication and Collaboration: Detailed medical records are kept for every patient seen at our hospital. Clients are encouraged to follow up with their primary care veterinarian after their visit. If they do not have a primary care veterinarian, we recommend they select one from the list of our veterinary partners. Clients are also informed that we do not provide vaccinations or perform routine health procedures at our facility. Our practice is designed to support you as the primary care veterinarian, with whom they should have an ongoing relationship. We ask all clients to list their family veterinarian on their pet’s intake form, allowing us to fax or email our medical record. We believe that by working closely with primary care veterinarians we are able to improve outcomes through a coordinated team effort of medical professionals.
Please keep in mind that ERs are busier than ever right now so wait times may be extended. We are working to see the most critical patients as soon as possible.

We always appreciate the opportunity to help you and your patients. For more information or to make a referral, please call 386.252.0206 or email us at

Diane Johnson, DVM and the Team at Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia

If you need additional brochures or magnets, please reach out to us at