On Death

John Donne (c.1572 - 1631)

Death. An unsettling thing considering it was never intended, and is contrary to the eternity set in our hearts. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

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God, Animals and Imagination

A Reflection

Do you love animals? C.S. Lewis did, both real ones and "dressed animals" in stories. See what he had to say about it.


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How To Speak To Your Hindu Neighbor

Michael Suderman

Five guidelines on how best to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with your Hindu friends and neighbors.

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A Fellow's Journey:

Interview with Annie Nardone

C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow Annie Nardone tells how she has sharpened her apologetic tools to share her faith.

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CSLI Fellows Program

Accepting Applications


Do you want to experience the power of a transformed life? CSLI Fellows Program is accepting applications for the 2023-2024 program year across 17 cities.

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Side B Stories

Episode 63: Doubting Towards God - Pedro Garcia's story

Former atheist Pedro Garcia grew up in a secular culture, making it easy to leave his nominal religion behind. After encountering serious, intelligent Christians, he began to question the possibility of God.


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The Lenten Journey

Monthly Resource

In this season of Lent, our prayer is that these resources will point to ways to deepen your prayer life, come alongside others, face the pain of Christ’s suffering and know the joy of the resurrection!

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7:30pm ET

CSLI-Atlanta & CSLI -Chicago present Not a Tame Lion: The life, teachings, and legacy of C.S. Lewis with Terry Glaspey

In this biographical study, Not a Tame Lion, author Terry Glaspey points out that C.S. Lewis’s life was as compelling as his work. Glaspey offers insights to the character, mind, and literary expertise of Lewis.

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8:00pm ET

Discovering Beauty, Goodness, and Truth: How Artists and Their Art Can Point Us to the Creator with Russ Ramsey

In our visually oriented world, media, film, and art shape our minds for good or for bad using illustrative images. Rather than passively allowing these images to influence us, author Russ Ramsey suggests instead that we pursue beauty, goodness and truth through the lenses of great artists and art. This can impact the way we begin to view all of life and ultimately focus on the Creator who made us and gave human beings the ability to create.

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CSLI-Atlanta presents The Impact of the Gospel in History: Exploring how Christianity has transformed communities and shaped cultures with Dr. Paul Copan

We are perhaps familiar with claims that "religion poisons everything" and that religion is the "root of all evil." But not all religions are created equal, and the Christian faith, when consistently lived out, has actually been instrumental in transforming communities, cultures, and even Western civilization.

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CSLI-Atlanta presents A Book Forum - Discovering Mere Christianity with Bill Smith

Join us for session 2 of our 8-week book forum to explore the lessons and insights from Mere Christianity.

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